10 Really Silly Things That Boys Say - Just WHY?!

10 Really Silly Things That Boys Say - Just WHY?!
As much as we love the opposite sex, they can say some pretty silly things sometimes! We’ve listed just a few down below...feel free to add to the list and call them out on their not-so-wise words. When will you learn, boys - just when will you learn?!

1. You need to shop...again?

Umm...you ‘need’ to play Fifa...again?

silly things boys say

2. I don’t know why you love these Rom Coms so much!

There’s romance AND there’s comedy. What’s not to love?

3. Makeup is such a waste of money.

Oh, but the millionth gadget you just bought is a very wise purchase?!

silly things boys say

4. You have too many clothes!

Darling, there’s no such thing as too many clothes.

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5. Why do you always expect me to say sorry?

Err, why do you say things you need to apologize for?!

silly things boys say

6. I can’t make a plan for Sunday brunch yet. It’s too far.

Fine, then don’t whine about my weekend date with the girls!

7. Why do girls get so excited about weddings!?

Food + Dance + Daaru + Friends + Dressing Up! Why should we not get excited about weddings?

silly things boys say

8. Why do you go sit at the parlour for so many hours?

Because if I don’t, my beard might be able to compete with yours.

9. Why do girls take everything so seriously?

We don’t, really. And if we actually did, you’d be in big trouble, Mister!

silly things boys say

10. I don’t get why you still gush over SRK!

Kuch kuch hota hai, tum nahin samjhoge!

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