10 Signs You're With A Guy You Might End Up Marrying!

10 Signs You're With A Guy You Might End Up Marrying!
Ever wondered if the man you’re with now is in fact the man you will marry? Well, we can’t tell you that! But we can give you a few signs that point out that you two are perfect for each other. Is he the man you’re likely to marry? Read on to find out!

1. You care about each other's opinions…

You don’t just ask the other what they think as an obligation. You genuinely care about their view on things and take it into account before making any important decision!

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2. You are best friends!

You are a two-person gang! Yes, may sound like a cliche, but you are indeed best friends! It’s not all about the serious relationship stuff all the time! You know how to let go and just have fun with each other. And you don’t need to be surrounded by people to do that either. Just the two of you together are enough to have a complete blast.

3. At the end of a bad day, there is no one else who comforts you as much.

His presence makes a bad day seem so much better. And he feels the same about you. You know you can just be quiet if you want because he won’t mind and vice versa! You can just be.

signs you should marry him

4. You’re both eager to work things out with each other even if you’re fighting...

Neither of you even thinks of just ending things when you’re fighting. You fight to make the relationship better and stronger together! You may lose your cool every once in a while, but you always find a way to make it up to each other.

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5. It doesn’t scare either of you to make plans with each other for 6 months or even a year down the line…

You’re really not afraid that you’ll have to cancel plans or trips last minute because you won’t be together after all! You know in your heart that neither of you can leave each other.

signs you should marry him

6. You’re super comfortable with each other!

You’re completely okay doing things in front of each other that you can never even think of doing in front of another human! There is no filter. You’re comfortable and happy being yourselves.

7. You can do things together without fighting all the time!

Even if you have completely conflicting views on things, you can work something out that would suit the both of you. You don’t mind making small compromises for each other. In fact, you’re happy to.

signs you should marry him

8. You miss each other like crazy when you’re not together…

You don’t just say “I miss you” for the sake of it. You truly mean it! Even if you’ve been together for a while, you miss each other when either one of you is away. Something just doesn’t add up when you’re not together. Whether it's for a couple days or a month, being away is never much fun!

9. You feel responsible for each other

Not in the way your parents or teachers did while you were growing up! But you feel responsible for their feelings. If anyone happens to say anything about your partner, good or bad, when they’re not around, you take it personally. You feel proud when people say good things about him and stand up for him when it’s negative!

signs you should marry him

10. You make an effort with each other's families

Not because you have to, but because you want to! You want to get along with their family just as they want to get along with yours. Even if you’re not always hanging out together, you make sure to find out how they’re doing every now and then.

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