9 Signs You’re The Most Chilled Out Girlfriend Ever!

9 Signs You’re The Most Chilled Out Girlfriend Ever!
Ladies, even if you think you’re a totally “chill” girl you’ve probably heard the complete opposite, especially in a relationship! Do not worry, though. Here are a few signs you are indeed a super chilled out girlfriend! You show him this the next time he says anything else!! ;)

1. You know how to go with the flow…

Even if he needs to cancel a plan last minute because something urgent came up, you understand. You may be a little disappointed because you were looking forward to seeing him, but you’re not one to yell and make a scene about it!

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2. You’re totally okay hanging out with his friends!

It’s easy! You get along with his friends just as well as you do with yours. Even if you don’t really like someone, you’re okay making an effort for your boyfriend and hanging out with them every now and then.

3. You don’t need to know where he is every minute of every day…

No, you’re not calling him ten times a day just to find out where he is or who he’s with. Asking about his day or what he’s up to when you speak is natural. But you’re not looking to keep a tab on his whereabouts!

chilled out girlfriend

4. You don’t get hassled if he checks other women out!

In fact, you check other women out with him. Or even point out a gorgeous woman walking by to him! Why not, right? One must appreciate beauty!

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5. You let the little things go!

There are always certain little things that get to people! They may get to you too, but you know how to let them go or overlook them. No point fighting or arguing about something you know the two of you will never really agree on.

chilled out girlfriend

6. You don't need to know every plan days in advance…

If you're free and he asks if you want to join an existing plan of his last minute, you’re open to the idea. If it's something you want to do, you’ll do it. There’s no “you didn’t bother asking me earlier” ego battle for you!

7. You also don’t mind if he doesn’t include you in all his plans!

I mean, sure, he could have easily made Saturday night plans with you, but he chose his friends instead. You may mind for a minute, but you’re not one to hold on. He will probably never know that you ever felt bad even if just for a second!

chilled out girlfriend

8. You don’t hate on him for being friends with an ex!

You may not be super excited about it, but you get that he has a different equation with her now. They’re friends and you’re okay with that. Still not excited, but okay!

9. You have literally never even thought about checking his phone!

He ought to know just how chilled out you really are! Because even the best of us have weak moments! :P

chilled out girlfriend

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