Did He JUST Break Up With His Ex? Signs You May Be His Rebound!

Did He JUST Break Up With His Ex? Signs You May Be His Rebound!
You met a nice guy, the two of you got along and now suddenly he can’t stop gushing about how he wants you to be his girlfriend. Could be a totally genuine guy, in which case it's all very sweet! But is there more than that? Could you be his rebound? Here are a few signs that suggest you might be...

1. He is overeager to get into a relationship

More eager than is normal. No, we don’t mean like he’s been chasing you for a few months and has been putting in an effort to be with you. We mean, you just met and/ or have been friends for a long time and now suddenly he won’t stop asking you to be his girlfriend!

signs you are his rebound

2. He cannot stop talking about his breakup

And how “over” his ex he is. He is clearly still bitter and cannot stop referring to his old relationship whenever he gets the chance. His sad breakup story is literally coming out of your ears now!

3. He finds a way to mention his ex here and there!

No matter what you’re talking about, there will always be something that reminds him of her! You could be talking about the most random things, but there will always be an incident with her that comes to his mind.

signs you are his rebound

4. And he stalks her on social media...

Yes, you’ve probably even seen him stare at her latest Instagram picture or pause scrolling on his newsfeed because her status popped up. Uuum, and he’s still tagging her on all sorts of cute things!


5. He’s not interested in romance. At all.

Sure, he may be into the sex, but ask him to cuddle after and he’ll run in the opposite direction. Or at least be extremely uncomfortable if you even suggest doing cute couply things together.

signs you are his rebound

6. He calls/ messages his ex all the time…

And even tells her about you! He might claim to be just friends, but if they’ve broken up recently and he’s still constantly in touch with her, chances are he is not over her!

7. He's not excited about introducing you to his friends...

And his friends seem equally surprised about you! His friends probably know him the best, and if they haven’t heard about the two of you yet, something is definitely not right!

signs you are his rebound

8. But he definitely is overly interested in posting pictures of the two of you on Facebook…

He makes sure the two of you take pictures together just to post on social media. Especially if he’s still friends with his ex! You may not even know him properly yet, but there sure are a lot of pictures of the two of you together.

9. You have “accidentally” bumped into his ex when you’re together a few times

All a coincidence?! If you’re bumping into his ex almost every time you decide to go out for a nice date, there are slim chances of it being a coincidence!

signs you are his rebound

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