7 Beauty Products You Should (Definitely!) Keep In The Fridge

7 Beauty Products You Should (Definitely!) Keep In The Fridge
Ladies, believe it or not, but storing your products in the fridge can make them last longer! While it increases shelf life, it also does a fab job at retaining its freshness. If you’re a girl who loves her beauty products with all her heart, you should totally give this method a shot! Here are 7 beauty products you should totally keep in the fridge. (Thank us later!)

1. Your Nail Polish  

Did you know that keeping your nail polish out in the open exposes it to unnecessary heat? The high temperature then activates the solvents and chemicals in the nail paint, making it thick. For that not to happen, you can store them in your refrigerator. The cold temperature increases the shelf life of the nail polish, and makes the lacquer smooth to apply on your gorgeous nails.

keep makeup in the fridge

2. Them Eye Pencils

Does your pencil liner crumble after applying it? If so, then you should try placing it in a cooler place. The fridge is a good choice. It hardens the kohl and makes it last longer on your skin - bonus, less smudges! All you’ve got to do is leave it in the freezer for 10 minutes and apply it after that. You’ll immediately notice that it will glide on more seamlessly along your lash line.

3. Your Fav Lipstick

Has your favourite shade of lipstick been discontinued? Or even worse, is it on the verge of losing its texture? Have no fear! Just store them in the fridge for a while. You see, heat can be a lipstick’s worst enemy. It can cause the chemicals to break down and can get spoiled really quickly. That’s why it’s good to preserve them in your trusty refrigerator.

keep makeup in the fridge

4. All Those Liquid Makeup Products

Liquid mascaras, foundations and liners all have an expiration date. Compared to other cosmetics, liquid makeup products have a shorter shelf life. To increase the lifespan of your favourite products, store them in your fridge. Before applying it, give the container a good shake and it’s good to use.

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5. Your Perfume!

Very often we keep our perfumes lying on our dressing tables, and our bathroom shelves. This is the wrong way to store them. Heat, light and air can affect the perfume’s original scent and activate chemicals that can ruin your expensive perfume. Storing your bottle in the fridge could actually be a good thing! It will not only protect the scent, but will also increase the longevity of the product.

keep makeup in the fridge

6. Those Organic Cosmetics

Since organic and homemade cosmetics don’t contain preservatives, they’re more likely to decompose faster and become a breeding ground for bacteria. To avoid that situation, keep them in the fridge so that they can last longer and remain fresh.

7. Your Eye Creams And Face Masks

Eye creams and face masks are meant to be stored in a dry and cool environment. The slightest exposure to light and heat could spoil the product and make it lose its effectiveness. Before applying them to your skin, keep them in the fridge for a couple of hours. This will make the cream turn cold, and as we all know that cold constricts blood vessels which will soothe your skin by de-puffing it.

keep makeup in the fridge

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