10 Moments In Your Relationship That Really Are Big Milestones!

10 Moments In Your Relationship That Really Are Big Milestones!
Every relationship has a set of firsts that bring two people closer to each other and suddenly make them realise how deeply, madly and incurably they have fallen in love. These may sometimes be small moments, but they’re big milestones that make a relationship stronger. How many have you had?

1. The first time you have a major fight and almost break up

There will be a lot of crying and shouting and feeling bad, but after you sort your problems out - you’ll feel closer to each other, for you’ve lived those moments of separation and in fact realised how much the other actually means to you.

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2. The moment you realise you can be a silly, goofy mess around him...

And don’t have to worry about looking cute at all times. That’s when you know that he doesn’t find you beautiful because of the makeup and clothes you wear, he feels that way despite them. :-)

3. The first time you stay over...

And are all jittery about spending the entire night with him! Whether you “do it” or not, this is going to be one special night that’s going to make you feel far more comfortable in each other’s presence, and help you get to know each other much better too!

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4. The time when you face a tragedy together

And realise how his pain deeply hurts you too… And how you would go to great lengths to comfort him and make him feel better! This is when you understand what unconditional love feels like.

5. Or you start doing boring things together

And they seem a little less boring! Like when you start shopping for grocery together and actually find out each other’s weird tastes and preferences in everyday things.

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6. The first time you cry your eyes out in front of each other

That’s when you know that the other person has completely let his guard down, and is at his most vulnerable self! That’s also when you secretly vow to yourself to take his fears and secrets to your grave rather than ever reveal them to anyone else.

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7. When he introduces you as “the girlfriend” to his colleagues and friends

You realise that if he is ready to introduce you to people who matter in his life - you are important to him. And that not only makes you feel secure and happy, it also makes you feel just a teeny bit proud.

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8. The first time you meet his parents...

You are scared and nervous of doing something wrong, and upsetting them irrevocably. But you feel comfortable when he stands beside you and you know you’re in this together.

9. The first time you go on a trip together

You spend every minute of every day together - for days on an end - and come to know each other’s many little habits and quirks, ways of having fun and going crazy. After all, only if you can laugh together and relax in each other’s company is your relationship worth all the effort you put into it.

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10. That moment when you are away from each other, and realise you don’t want to stay without each other for long!

That’s when you know it’s love! :)

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