#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Worry About When In A Relationship

#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Worry About When In A Relationship
Sure, most of us guys wish we were fearless and nothing ever worries us. We might even pretend to be like that occasionally. But alas, it's isn't so. We get scared and feel insecure about tons of stuff, especially concerning the women in our lives. Here are a few fears and worries guys have when it comes to relationships.

1. Heartbreak

Who isn't scared of getting their heart broken? We're not saying we're in the position to get hurt in every relationship, but when we are, it's something that scares the living hell out of us.

2. Being ready to commit

The big one. So, this really doesn't mean that all guys are afraid of commitment. There are many who are not. But there is so much else that we need to figure in order to reach that mental space where we have absolutely no doubts... The time has to be right, just like the person has to be right too.

relationship fears men have

3. How much money we’re making

While this is a concern we have in general (face it, money matters), it's also super important for us to be financially stable when we're seeing someone. Especially if we're planning a future together. We would like to be in a position where we can provide for our partner, even if she's financially independent.

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4. Working according to a timeline

At work, we can do this. In life? Not always. Being handed a schedule according to which we need to plan our lives together (date, commit, get engaged, marry, produce kids...you get the drift) can be a bit intimidating. Especially if it's the beginning of the relationship.

relationship fears men have

5. A diminishing sex drive

Come on, how can we not worry about this? We've heard it happen with other guys, and while we can't say what exactly is going happen in the future, we really don't want to go down that road. Sex is kind of important, and we're just scared of it becoming less important.

6. Losing the spark

You ladies aren't the only ones who worry about the spark, okay? And one day we'll wake up, and it might not be there anymore. And it doesn't mean we'll stop loving you or anything, but making the relationship work is obviously going to be way harder. And that’s scary to think about.

relationship fears men have

7. Not having the upper hand

We know it sounds petty, but the thought of losing control in a relationship kind of freaks us out. We'll still go along with it of course, but it's scary and we can't help that it's how we sometimes feel. And we're not saying we want ALL of the control either. Just a balance of sorts.

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