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Here’s Why You NEED To Be Besties With Your Wedding Planner!

Here’s Why You NEED To Be Besties With Your Wedding Planner!
Without doubt, they are planning your entire wedding. Wouldn’t you want to be best friends with someone who is going to make it all come true?! We tell you why your wedding planner should become your new BFF.

1. It’s NOT just a profession

Wedding planners plan your wedding day, one of the most important days of your life! The more quickly you open up, the better they know your taste and work towards it with all their heart.

1wedding planner

2. BFFs don’t screw up

Best friends with the wedding planner? They’ll go the extra distance to make sure your wedding is perfect in every small detail..

3. Andhi ho ya toofan

...It’s the wedding planner who will take care of all your last minute emergencies.

4. They’ll handle all your parivaar problems

Dadiji doesn’t want alcohol at the wedding, mum wants purple cushions and sister needs a photobooth - they cater to them all. All at the same time!

4wedding planner

5. A late night idea? No problem!

A wedding planner may block calls post 9 but the BFF is always open to discussion! Even at 12 in the night.

6. Deal ya no deal?

The BFF planner can help you get better deals and cut down on your already overflowing budget.

7. They’ll give you the most honest advice

Your college mate or the office colleague may not say it straight to your face but the wedding planner will always dish out the most honest advice. If it’s not in your budget, let it go!

7wedding planner

8. Your wedding, your way

Friends with the planner? They’ll go all out to make your wedding a highly personalised affair. That’s what best friends are for!

9. Taking care of the sharaabis is part of their job!

Yes, the planner will do that too! So, if you hope to get your drunk mama ji back to the hotel safely, you’ve got to be best friends with the wedding planner.

10. ...And all other small tasks

Fueling the generator, fixing a broken string of flowers or mopping the wedding stage - they do it all. And it’s not for the money, it’s to make your day fuss-free.

10wedding planner

11. They keep you fed

Late baaratis? No problem. Your planner will make sure there’s endless supply of drinks and snacks in their favourite bride’s waiting room.

12. ...And the friends happy

Car-o-bar ka arrangement? Get the planner in on the plan and you’re sorted!

13. Feeling the nerves?

It’s not in their contract but wedding planners go out of their way to provide you emotional support.

13wedding planner

14. They are the dream makers

...of the most special day of your life! Good idea to be friends right?!

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