11 Reasons Every Girl NEEDS A Crazy Bestie In Her Life!

11 Reasons Every Girl NEEDS A Crazy Bestie In Her Life!
There are some people who are just friends and some who just way, way more! They go above and beyond for us no matter how insane the situation may be and we do the same for them  - whether they ask for it or not! Here are the reasons every girl needs a crazy best friend!

1. Whenever you suggest a crazy idea…

She's the first one to jump up with excitement!

2. And when you are feeling too lazy to plan anything…

She channels all her energy into planning it for you!

crazy best friend

3. She is seriously the BEST person to be around!

Especially after you have a breakup!

4. She doesn't ever ask silly questions…

Like, “But won't we get in trouble for that?”

crazy best friend

5. She knows exactly how to liven up the room…

Even at the most boring parties!


6. You just can't be sad around her.

Even when you might want to be!!

crazy best friend

7. She inspires you with her creativity!

Like when she comes up with the most innovative curse words!

8. People love to hang out with the two of you.

You guys can charm anybody with the retelling of your insane experiences!

crazy best friend

9. She even makes you feel more centred and sane.

If only in comparison to her!

10. Nothings is too out-there for her!

She doesn't treat any of your dreams as too much of a challenge!

crazy best friend

11. She’s your partner in crime…

Forever and ever!

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