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#HeSays: 10 Questions About Sex Guys Wish They Could Ask Girls!

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We’re all for communication between the sexes, especially when it comes to communication about sex. So we bring you a few questions that guys very frequently want to ask girls - but rarely do. Read on, and you’ll know why!

1. Are you as turned on as I am?

Because, you know, with us, it’s pretty much impossible to miss the evidence. It’s different for you ladies - sometimes you gotta tell us!

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2. Can we try something different today?

No, no, please understand that whatever we’re doing already is absolutely great. But no harm mixing things up or switching up the routine to add some additional edge, right?

3. How can I convince you to have sex more often?

Um, yeah. Most of us kind of want to do it way more often than we actually get to do it. So this is a thing we have on our minds quite frequently.

4. OMG, are you going to kick me out of bed if I ask you to do that?

Ladies, it’s always difficult to come right out and ask you to play out our favourite fantasies. Because some of them might seem a little weird to you. So this is something that worries us quite a bit.

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5. When I go down on you - is that good for you?

Actually, we’ve been told often enough that you ladies love being given oral sex - you tell us too. The more accurate question probably is: “Am I good at it?” So if your guy definitely knows what he’s doing down there, feel free to tell him and make his day! Or just give him feedback that let’s him make your day!

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6. Do you ever bring yourself off?

Hey, we do it all the time. So it’s natural that we’re curious whether you do it or not. But asking a girl if she masturbates or not - seems like a recipe for us getting whacked! :P

7. Are you happy with my, er, size?

Everyone has insecurities. And we’re no different. So please do let us know when it’s, uh, a good fit! ;-)

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8. Why didn’t you have an orgasm?

We know that research says that only 25% of women are reported to have orgasms during sex… And that basically means that we’re pretty stressed out over this question. It would be great if we could actually talk about this!

9. Um, you didn’t fake it, right?

Call us stupid for wondering about this, but we do sometimes. We’re not all as confident as we would like. Sorry! :-/

10. Am I the best you’ve ever had?

This one we would never actually ask. We admit it's a bit of a jerky question - even if we really want to know!:P

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Published on Dec 07, 2015
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