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What’s The ONE Beauty Tool You Should Have? Team POPxo Says…

What’s The ONE Beauty Tool You Should Have? Team POPxo Says…
Beauty tools are an essential part of every girl’s dresser. Thanks to them, we’re able to get the best results out of beauty products. Whether it’s something that gives you gorgeous hair or adds a finished touch to your skin, pretty much all of us are willing to swear by something or the other. And there’s usually that ONE tool that’s a lifesaver for each one of us. Want to know what the POPxo Team’s fave beauty tools are? Read on to find out!

Sanjana Eipe - Marketing & Sales Director

beauty tool essentials The Clarisonic brush has been a recent purchase. I use it twice a week and it’s perfect for getting the dust and grime off your face (especially if you live in a city like Mumbai). It helps keep your pores clean and reduces blackheads and acne. I use it with the  Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant just before I go to sleep and then slather on a moisturiser - perfect, supple, cleansed skin the next morning.

Priyanka Ghura - Beauty Editor

beauty tool essentials The Original Beauty Blender has revolutionized my makeup routine. Whether it’s a light BB cream for the day or a foundation for the night, or even while applying concealer, it blends my makeup like a dream. It really does help give you that super natural look and easily blends your base seamlessly. Now I know why it’s such a beauty cult item across the world.

Divya Sharma - Trending Editor

beauty tool essentials I swear by the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush! It’s not expensive and I’ve actually had mine for the last 2 years and it’s in great shape. It’s just perfect for blending your base and a minute with it can actually give you flawless looking makeup! I never have to be worried about my foundation looking flaky or cracked. It’s the one beauty tool that I just can’t live without!

Sharon Alphonso - Lifestyle Writer

beauty tool essentials If I have to step out for an important occasion, I have to apply a good amount of liquid foundation to my skin. It conceals my blemishes beautifully and protects my skin from dust and pollution. To blend the base well, I use a blender cosmetic sponge as it makes my skin look flawless. I later use regular coconut oil to remove it at night. POPxo In-Story Download Banner

Neha Gupta - Lifestyle Writer

beauty tool essentials I love my foundation brush from QVS. The brush feels super soft on my skin, and it gives me maximum coverage by spreading into all little nooks and corners across my face. It also blends the foundation really well into the skin and makes my skin appear flawless!

Gopika EM - Social Media Manager

beauty tool essentials For someone who hates wearing too much makeup, and dreads wearing even a tad bit of mascara, Vega Premium Eyelash Curler is a lifesaver! It not only adds a bit of drama to my lashes, but also ensures it stays that way for long enough. To make a lasting impact, I heat it a bit by using my blow dryer instead of using an electric curler.

Dakshee Haryani - Social Media Coordinator

beauty tool essentials The struggle to find the perfect hair straightener for my curly hair ended when I came across this amazing product! It’s called Corioliss Pro-V Jet Black Hair Straightener. It was pretty much a gamble for me, since I had not heard the company’s name before and it was my first hair straightener. It’s been a year and I’m super happy with it! It’s lightweight, has a wide range of temperature settings, and gives a nice sheen to my hair. I love how it makes my hair super smooth and straight in a span of minutes!

Ragini Kapoor - Account Manager

beauty tool essentials Real Technique concealer brush - it’s the best thing that ever happened to people like me who don’t know how to apply make-up. The brush is firm enough to allow concealer to blend beautifully. Its also very easy to clean and even dries really fast.
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