parineeti chopra built that way

"Rise. Repeat." Parineeti's Amazing Mantras Are For EVERY Girl!

Divya Sharma

Assistant Editor

Parineeti Chopra spent the last nine months pushing her limits - and now she's pushing us to do the same with her new campaign, Built That Way! She recently posted pictures from a photoshoot for the same campaign and we're seriously feeling very inspired to work on our goals with as much passion as we can see in her eyes (and stance!). We could seriously make a calendar out of these to serve as a reminder to keep on going! Just look at her - even covered in sweat and dust, she looks so amazing!

1. What'll now serve as our Monday Mantra!!

parineeti chopra built that way

2. So that we never second-guess ourselves!

parineeti chopra built that way

3. When we feel like we aren’t succeeding - we’re human, after all!

parineeti chopra built that way

4. And for when we're on the verge of giving up!

parineeti chopra built that way

5. And the courage to do it All. Over. Again!

parineeti chopra built that way

Images: Parineeti Chopra on Facebook

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Published on Dec 10, 2015
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