8 Essentials You NEED If You’re Going On A Trek!

 8 Essentials You NEED If You’re Going On A Trek!
While a lot of us hit the beach for our winter holidays, there are others who prefer hitting the mountains or hills - avid hikers and nature enthusiasts who get a thrill out of treks and activities that unfold in the midst of glistening white snow. It is for those adventurous thrill-seekers that the wonderful Amazon India team has come up with an array of outdoor gear. So the next time you’re packing your rucksack for a camping trip and the dreaded #KyaPehnu question strikes, we’ve got you covered!

1. Snug Jacket Lovin’

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A warm, light, water and wind resistant jacket is a must-have for all outdoorsy ladies. For max protection from the wind and chill, make sure it has a hood. Word from the wise - avoiding bright colours might help you blend in better with the natural surroundings, making it easier for you to spot exotic wildlife! We’re partial to this black number.

2. These Boots Are Meant For Walking

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A chic yet utilitarian pair of boots is essential for travelling across tricky terrain. Make sure your boots are well-grooved so as to better handle Mother Nature. Also, warm internal lining is a must to keep your feet toasty in the cold weather. This tan pair is a must-have!

3.  Comfy Pants For The Win

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To walk, run, stretch and climb better, we’re partial to leggings. They’re as stylish as they are practical, and we love the freedom of movement they provide - ideal for physically demanding outdoor pursuits. Try this chic black pair for your best trek ever.

4. We’ve Got Your Back

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When you’re hiking - cute clutches and dainty satchels are a strict no-no. What you need is a handy-dandy and lightweight backpack in which you can carry your water, flashlight, snacks, first aid kit and any other essentials you might need. And if you still want to keep it cute, how about this red one?

5. Sassy In Shades

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Shades are scientifically known to make your face appear more symmetrical - therefore hotter. They are also scientifically proven to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This is especially true in the high-altitude mountains where the sunlight is known to be stronger. Also, how cute are these wayfarers?

6. Keeping Watch

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The perfect outdoor watch is water resistant, scratch-proof and tough enough to take on your active lifestyle. We found this subtle and undeniably sporty piece that you should include in your hiking wardrobe.

7. Beanie Baby

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If you’re actively packing clothes to keep your body warm - why ignore your head? The best way to prevent ghastly head colds is to invest in a cool yet comfortable hat. We’re in love with this hip and snug beanie!

8. From The Hoodie

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The sweatshirt is that classic piece that can serve you as well in outdoor settings as it can in an urban landscape. Look for a chic piece with pockets and a hood for maximum comfort!

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