7 Myths About Orgasms You Should Never Believe!!

7 Myths About Orgasms You Should Never Believe!!
Sex isn't something that's discussed openly, even amongst the best of friends. And that has given rise to so many complete myths about sex that people actually think are facts. Well, then can you imagine, how many myths about orgasms are floating around, considering that it's even more of a taboo topic? Well, here are a few that you really shouldn't believe!

Myth 1: Intercourse is the only way you have an orgasm

Nonsense, ladies. Never underestimate the power of someone going down on you, foreplay, boob play, or even the use of fingers! And there’s always self-help, you know. ;-)

Myth 2: Vaginal orgasms are better than clitoral orgasms. Or vice versa.

The clitoris is a super-sensitive spot for most women, and they can orgasm when it is stimulated. Some women have sensitive vaginas and can orgasm through its stimulation (usually penetration). Both are great, and both have exactly the same result - massive amounts of pleasure, and the release of the same happy chemicals (oxytocin, endorphins, etc.) in your body. So no one kind of orgasm is better than the other, really!

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Myth 3: It always takes women a lot longer than men to have an orgasm

Not always! :P Us ladies can be pretty easily turned on too at times, and have an orgasm just as quickly as Jason Biggs in American Pie. It really depends on your level of arousal, what stage of your hormonal cycle you are in...and what exactly you’re doing!

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Myth 4: Having an orgasm is really easy for women

Newsflash, folks: studies say that only 25% of women actually report to orgasm during sex. And it’s perfectly normal and okay, and you can always work towards it. Some girls need a bit more time and effort, which is fine!

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Myth 5: No orgasm = bad sex

As we've established already, having an orgasm can be more difficult on occasion. That doesn't have to mean that the sex was bad - or to blaim! - for it. Sex is as much about the journey as the destination.

Myth 6: The longer intercourse goes on, the more likely you are to have an orgasm.

Not true. Because after a while (say 30 minutes or more - or even less time for some women), the vagina stops lubricating itself. And you might just end up feeling raw instead of heading towards orgasm. Please take a break, keep lubricant handy, etc.!

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Myth 7: That too many orgasms can make your vagina, um, loose

We're not entirely sure about where this myth came about from, but NO, having an orgasm won't make your vagina loose. Think of it like…elastic. It expands and contracts - and during an orgasm, the vaginal muscles just expand and contract many, many times. That’s all!!

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