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#MyStory: I Checked My Boyfriend’s Phone, And...


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We knew each other practically all our lives. Since prep, okay! Sure, I used to think boys were disgusting then, including him. But as we grew up we slowly became kind of friends, I suppose. We always ended up in the same class even with the shuffling and all. We got paired up for projects, started talking. I realized boys weren't all that bad also. I mean, sure they still got super dirty after half an hour in the football ground, but they made you laugh. At least...he did!

Around 8th grade, he asked me out. I said NO! It was just so weird to think of him as my boyfriend. But he got inside my head and after a whole year of confusion I finally caved! I said yes. And that's when our totally crazy and somewhat amazing relationship started.

I say totally crazy for a reason. Our fights were EPIC. The whole school knew about us because of them, including all the teachers and seniors! But he also treated me like a princess, with chocolate boxes every month and surprises on my birthday and even my half-birthday (yes, I was THAT girl). So believe me when I say I did love him, even though sometimes he made me want to punch a wall - with his head.

Anyway, this went on for 5 years. Yes, I suppose we were just crazy enough about each other that we were together for that long. But when we passed out of school and went to different colleges, we got a bit of distance. I thought it was a good thing at that time. But little did I know.

We both made new friends and started spending less time together. He had a lot of new friends that I didn’t know at all, including a bunch of girls. I used to feel a bit jealous, but then I would always talk myself out of that - we were in a co-ed school, and he’d always been friends with other girls. But what really changed was that I finally started looking at him as a “serious” boyfriend. You know, one that my mom and dad knew about and actually even liked. They probably liked him more than even I did! But that was maybe because there were things about him that they didn't know. Some that even I didn't know!

You see, one day he had gone for a boys’ night out, which was quite normal. He proceeded to get totally smashed, which was also quite normal. He was staying over at a friend’s place, so he got there and gave me a call. And you know what?! He had the guts to try and break up with me - on a call!

This wasn't the first time we’d had a conversation like this, of course. But to do this when he was drunk?! And on the phone, so I couldn’t confront him?! The guts, I tell you!!! So obviously I proceeded to drive down to his friend’s place.

When I got there, he was almost passed out, mumbling in his sleep. I just grabbed his phone and ran! And he was suddenly sober enough to chase me. (Like, seriously?!) I managed to make it inside my car, but smartly enough he grabbed my keys before I could shut the door. But I was super-mad by then, and just shoved him. As he staggered backwards, I snatched the keys back from him and locked myself inside.

checking my boyfriend's phone

I knew his passcode, so I just sat there going through his phone, while he banged on the door, begging me to open it. And good thing I did! He had pictures with a girl I knew back from school - and completely hated! And not just any pictures, okay? Pictures of them on a trip out of town that I didn’t even know about. Asshole. I won’t go into details, but I didn’t give him his phone back for 2 weeks. I only returned it because he threatened to report it as stolen. Thinking back now, though, I should have just thrown it into a ditch somewhere.

We obviously broke up then. When my mom asked me about him, I think my glare kind of closed that chapter for her. My friends were there for me, telling me annoying things like how they always knew he was a jerk but didn't know how to tell me. It's fine, though. They were there, you know? And thanks to them, I don't feel like punching a wall with his head THAT often any more.

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Published on Dec 11, 2015
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