#MyStory: My Fiance And I Decided To Try It Outdoors...

#MyStory: My Fiance And I Decided To Try It Outdoors...
We were about to get engaged In a couple of days and were super excited about it. After booking a hall for our engagement party, my fiancé and I decided to go for a drive to celebrate.

We were in Nilgiri, a small town famous for its tea estates. The eucalyptus trees and the beautiful terrain created a romantic ambience and we were having a good time. My fiancé got in the mood and started caressing my boobs; I also started rubbing his thighs. We both were turned on and he pulled over his car. He suggested we continue in the backseat of his car. But I had something else in mind - I wanted to do it in the open air!

We got out of the car and walked into the tea estate. It was a quiet and beautiful evening. We looked at each other and started making out. Then we moved on to more intense foreplay. He lifted my skirt, I undid his pants.

open air sex

We were both on the ground, and I was ecstatic… My first open air sexcapade! Everything was perfect and I was about to reach orgasm, when suddenly I heard something crawling on the dry leaves in the ground!! I screamed.

In a fraction of second, we both stood up and ran towards the car. We didn’t even check if there really was something crawling on those leaves or if it had just been my imagination.

We both burst out laughing the moment we sat in the car and couldn’t stop laughing till we reached home.

It was very late when we reached my home. But we were not done yet - we still had to finish what we’d started, right? So we parked in the garage and had an awesome quickie in the car.

When I finally walked into the house, it was to find my parents still awake and really worried about what had happened. I just smiled and told them that we’d lost track of time. :-P

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