#MyStory: Those Six Hours With Him Changed My Life

#MyStory: Those Six Hours With Him Changed My Life
I met Aditya (a friend’s cousin) at the beach. He wanted to meet up with me after I had met my friends, but I was having too much fun with them and asked him to join us instead. He was as good looking as I  remembered him being, with an easy boyish charm. We had met only once before, around 5 years ago. Initially, I felt a little awkward about talking to him so I continued hanging out with my friends. Eventually they nudged me to pay attention to Aditya instead!

I was curious to see what he would be like when left with a group of new (and slightly crazy) people aka my awesome friends. I was pleased to find he managed just fine!

After saying goodbye to my friends, we headed over to his car. The conversation just flowed, it didn’t feel like he was someone I didn’t know that well. I’m usually a bit reserved with new people but with him I got very chatty fairly quickly. I got to know a little more about him during our drive and that he had decent driving skills too (something I couldn’t help noticing!)

It was close to midnight when we stopped at a roadside juice shop. He stood at a comfortable distance from me, not once making me feel awkward. The local train passed us (the tracks were nearby) and suddenly he said, “Let’s get on that train!” I looked at him with a “dude, are you kidding me?” expression.  Of course he wasn’t and seeing that I was a bit reluctant he spoke about how fun it was to be sometimes spontaneous in life. That half grin on his face won me over, and before I knew it, we were buying two tickets for the next 3 stops.

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We got off at the next stop and he held out his hand to help me get off the train. It felt so comfortable that I was tempted to hold on to his hands for a little while longer. From there we slowly walked back to where his car was parked.

I lost track of time… I was busy laughing and chatting, I had never felt this comfortable so quickly with anyone before. He could have held my hand and I wouldn't have stopped him. But he didn't.

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We sang songs, I tried teaching him how to dance (he failed miserably at it). He teased me for not being able to remember the times table (so embarrassing), and I corrected the grammatical errors in his blog posts. And then we kissed. It just happened so naturally.. It wasn't an out-of-this-world kind of kiss but it was a pretty good one, a kiss I remember.

Although we had such an awesome time that night, we haven’t been much in touch ever since. We didn’t even talk about keeping in touch that night. I had thought he would call, but there was only a text or two the following day and one call the day after.

I tried to think of thousands of reasons for why things got left where they were, but I will never know the truth. Or what that night meant to him or even to me, for that matter. Whether there will be more such amazing nights together ..

Last I heard, he was getting engaged. I only wish circumstances hadn’t let him become just a memory. I would’ve loved to have known him for more than just those few hours ...

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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