#MyStory: I Thought He Was Flirting With Me! But…

#MyStory: I Thought He Was Flirting With Me! But…
I was in the initial years of my teenage life and for the first time I was experiencing what having a crush meant. I first noticed him during a concert in our school - he had an awesome voice and played the guitar like a true rockstar. He even sang my favourite song, “Summer of 69” by Bryan Adams; by the end of the concert I was totally crushing on him.

I just couldn’t stop thinking about him and started thinking of ways to get his attention. I would often walk by his classroom even if it meant I had to take the longer way. During recess, I would look out for him and often sat at the table next to his in the cafeteria. I told my friends and they were as excited as me and helped me with my plans.

After a few days, I saw him noticing me. I was a bit scared that I was being too obvious. But then one day he smiled at me… I still remember the moment clearly, I was beyond ecstatic. The whole day, a huge smile was pasted on my face.

The next day he even said hi to me. I was so surprised that I ran away from there. I just didn’t know how to react; this was the first time I was feeling this way. Guys have always been more of friends to me - to like a boy and get his attention were totally new to me. I told my friends and they were sure that he also liked me…they even tried to convince me. But somehow I was little apprehensive about accepting this fact. Life couldn’t be that simple!

my first crush

He was a hosteller, so I started participating more in extra-curricular activities because that meant I would have to stay back after classes. I would see him on the balcony watching our dance group practice, and when I looked at him, he would smile and wave at me. I didn’t want to go home at all!!

The first blow to my dreamy life came the weekend when my elder sister’s friends came to our house. I was in the verandah reading while they were in the room next to it, and I heard his name. I got very curious, obviously, and so I stopped reading and started listening to what they were talking about. I heard one of the girls tell my sister how he is a very nice guy and that she should consider talking to him.

This could not be happening… I just didn’t know how to take all this! I was scared to ask my sister anything - I was afraid of the worst coming true...

And, well it did come true the next week. The guy came to me and asked, “You are Sweta’s sister, right?” And then he gave me this card to pass on to my sister.

Yes, the guy on whom I had a huge crush was using me as a messenger to express his feelings for MY SISTER.

I did give that card to my sister; I don’t know what she did with it. I just decided to stay away from all this to spare myself the pain. I ignored him from that day onwards, left my dance group and hated my sister for a while… I told her years later, and we both had a good laugh about it. :-)

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