#MyStory: I Snuck My Boyfriend Into The House One Night…

#MyStory: I Snuck My Boyfriend Into The House One Night…
We had been dating for a few weeks when my grandparents decided to pay me a visit. I had just started seeing Varun, so we were basically inseparable - we had been spending every spare moment for the last three weeks together. Before, in between and after work! We couldn’t help it. We were in our “honeymoon” phase as they call it!

Varun was obviously not too excited when I told him my grandparents were visiting and would be staying with me. Since I had an apartment to myself, he would basically come over all the time. Now with my grandparents there, it would get a little difficult!

It was just a matter of ten days, I told him. We could manage. I mean, it wasn’t as if we weren’t going to meet at all. He just couldn’t come over and chill at mine just for those ten days!

So we carried on meeting, during work for lunch and sometimes after work too! Yes, we were a bit obsessed with each other. And also madly in love!

One day after work, we decided to meet for drinks. I told my grandparents I had an office event thing and so I would be a little late. “A little late” was not actually little, as you can imagine! I got so carried away by all the fun we were having that evening that I completely forgot I had to get home at a decently early hour! It was one in the morning by the time our evening ended and we finally rushed back to mine. Varun was supposed to just drop me, of course.

We reached, and I leaned over to kiss him good night. “Wait”, he said. “Let me come drop you till your door.” I happily agreed.

I opened my house door as quietly as I possibly could in an attempt not to wake my grandparents up! Given the number of missed calls I had just seen from them, they definitely had noticed I wasn’t home on time! But there seemed to be no one there when I finally entered, so it was all okay!

“Okay, good night now”, I said leaning out of the door again to kiss him a final good night! “Good night”, he said and began to walk away. I have no idea what struck me, but I whispered loudly, “Wait!”. He turned around and asked me what happened. “Do you want to come in for a bit? My grandparents are asleep, so they won’t know.” He looked at me as if I was kidding. “You’re not serious, are you?” he asked. “Of course I am. Just come in quietly!” And so he did.

We spent the next couple of hours in bed, talking and doing other things of course. It was all great and also time for him to leave! It was almost 3 am...

“Oh shit!” That was what I woke up to. “What? What happened? Who’s that knocking?” I said, before I realised what was happening! It was 9 am!! Varun and I had clearly fallen asleep before either of us had had the sense to make him leave! Now what were we going to do?! My grandmom was knocking on the door asking if I was up. I was definitely screwed. How was I going to get out of this one?!

snuck my boyfriend into my house

Varun looked at me in complete confusion. “Sorry,” he said meekly. “It’s not your fault” I said. “But we need to figure something out!”

I answered my grandmom saying I wasn’t feeling too well and was going to sleep in a little longer. She said okay and began watching TV in the living room, right outside my room. Great, just what I needed. How was there any chance that I could get him out of here now??

At around 10 am I told Varun to go hide in my loo so that I could open my door and step out. I did and was greeted by both my grandparents. “Will you eat breakfast?” they asked “No, no. Why don’t you both go get ready and we can all go out for brunch today?!” I said in an attempt to make them at least go into their room! “That’s a great idea”, they said. “Why don’t you go first?” My granddad asked my grandmom. “Oh no!” I thought, I needed them both not to be in the living room in order for me to sneak Varun out! Anyway, not much I could do except maybe just wait.

I went back in and ran to the loo. Poor thing had been there for a while. I opened the door to see him lying on a mat on the floor, fast asleep! I couldn’t help but laugh a little even in this highly tense situation. I woke him up and gave him an update. He was rather stressed by now too because he had an important meeting to be at in half an hour!


I could hear my grandmom again by this time. She must have been done getting ready. Time to go check again… My granddad was getting up to go into his bedroom as I came out. My grandmom was walking out. “Wait, dadi”, I said. “Your hair is coming out a little. Why don’t you go fix it?”. “Oh is it? Okay, I’ll fix it” she said and walked back into her room.

I ran into my room faster than I ever have and told Varun to grab his things and make a dash. There were exactly 5 seconds between when he ran and slipped out of the door and my grandmom came back out.

We laugh about it till date, but what a close encounter that was! Definitely not sneaking him back in anytime soon!!

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