Women are no less than men

#MyOpinion: DON’T Let Them Tell You That You’re “Less” Than A Man

Simar Rana

Video Content Editor, POPxo

I have been brought up in a house where men and women are treated alike. I have never been told that my brother can do certain things by virtue of being a boy and I cannot because I am a girl. I have never had the need to hear that we are equals, because it has always been implied anyway. My brother was sent to school, so was I. My brother went to the college of his choice, so did I. He gets to choose the profession he wants. So do I. He gets to marry who he wants. So do I. So I have for one never really understood when people say “He can - you can’t, because you’re a girl.”

What is the difference anyway? Why is it that women need to constantly justify and explain that they are in no way less than a man?

Do I become less than a man because physiologically he has more strength in his arms? I could work my way to building as much strength and muscle, you know? Do I become less than a man because everyone seems to think he is the natural leader and I a follower? Allow yourself to listen to me without bias in your heart because of my gender, and then you will know what I’m capable of. Do I become less than a man because I seem more vulnerable and dainty in appearance? Appearance is deceptive, I’d say. I wouldn’t be able to give birth to a child if it weren’t.

Women are no less than men

I went to a co-educational boarding school. Boys and girls, we grew up together. I was never denied a chance to try out anything that my fellow classmates could. Studies, sports, debates, declamations, music, dance - you name it. The boys in my school never thought they had it easy if they were competing with me or any other girl. They looked at us as competition. Plain and simple. As opponents, if they were standing against us in a competition; and friends or classmates, if they weren't. There was no “She’s a girl, so let her win” business. She’s a girl, she will win if she’s better than you anyway.

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Don’t give me or any other woman leeway because you think we can’t or because you think you’re better than us. If you must give some leeway, give it those who actually want or ask for it. Man or woman.

Don’t tell me I’m less than a man because that’s what you’ve been taught. Tell me that an individual is more talented than I am in a certain sphere. I can take that. Tell me he’s better at math than I am. I have no doubt. I was never good at math anyway. But don’t tell me I can’t achieve what he can. Don’t tell me I’m less than him because I’m a woman. It’s time you found a better reason.

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Published on Dec 02, 2015
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