#BeautyDiaries: 6 People Asked What I Did To My Hair This Week!

#BeautyDiaries: 6 People Asked What I Did To My Hair This Week!
I'm not a person who does a lot to take care of my skin, face and especially my hair. I have so many friends who can't start their day without using a minimum of 6 lotions and 4 hair products. The maximum I would do is just oil my hair once a…month, maybe? Obviously that wasn't enough, though, and with time I realized that. My hair fall increased, the texture became more rough. My bouncy curls started looking tangled and completely lifeless. At least to me they did! Other people hadn't really started noticing or said anything.

So then I started this ritual of straightening my hair every time I washed it. It was just so much easier to manage! And I didn't have to worry about looking like a mess halfway through the day! But, of course, that just contributed to my hair's already declining health.

What really opened up my eyes was the grey hair. Initially I had, like, one or two. That turned into a minimum of 12 almost overnight. I don't know how it happened, but it did - and I was SO upset. What was even worse was that they were all around my my parting, so they were pretty obvious. For a few months, I just cribbed and considered getting highlights. I’d had them before, and while I loved how my hair looked with them, it was still going to do a lot of harm.

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Then I decide to go back to the tried and tested naani ke nuskhe type of method. Mehendi! Now, I know what you're thinking - its colour looks really bad! But that's just in your head, you know.

So I went out and got a few packets. My mom helped me soak it then mixed it with egg (don't ask me why, I don't question her when it comes to these things). And since she's such an angel, she helped apply it too. I was supposed to keep it on for 2 hours. which became 3 because of a conversation with a friend that just wouldn't get over! Anyway, I finally washed it out and then shampooed. Mind you, no conditioner, since mehendi actually acts like a conditioner itself! My first observation was…whoa, my hair stinks! No, really, it was horrible. And the smell was obviously everywhere around me, just lingering there and taunting me. I let my hair dry, brushed it patiently (for once) and tada!

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My hair felt SO soft! I don't remember the last time it felt like that and it was amazing! Of course the grey hair were now a dull orange, but I knew that from my mom's warnings. The more times you do the whole process, the darker the colour gets! I didn't straighten it, just left it the way it dried and the reactions I got! Wow.

When I entered office the next day, 3 people asked me what I had done to my hair because it looked really good. Even my best friend, who has reallyyy short hair and doesn't really notice these things, could tell that something was different. Friends I hadn't met for a while but randomly bumped into occasionally wondered if I had just got a haircut. And all this after doing it just once! Well, it pretty much guaranteed what my weekend hair regime is going to be from now on. ;-)

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