#BeautyDiaries: I Tried A Fish Pedicure For Prettier Feet...

#BeautyDiaries: I Tried A Fish Pedicure For Prettier Feet...
My first experience with a fish pedicure happened a few years ago. I have to admit, it’s one of the most memorable experiences I have had till date! In fact, the thought of getting one didn’t even cross my mind. Until one day….

I clearly remember that this happened on a weekend in 2012. My sister and I were strolling around the mall and we decided to split up because we were both looking for different things. She asked me to meet her after an hour at a particular spot. After I was done shopping, I did what I was told. As usual, she was late. To my surprise, though, she wasn’t empty handed! She was carrying two coupons for a 45 minute fish pedicure session. I jumped with glee! I mean, I’d seen them before, but I’d never gotten it done for myself. I was nervous no doubt, but I’ve always been a person who likes to try new things. This definitely was on my bucket list.

fish pedicure experience

The two of us headed straight to spa, and were greeted by the staff. They not just looked professional, but they also gave us some wonderful memories to take home. They served us green tea first and asked us to proceed to the room where the fish were. I took a peep into the tub, and I was amazed to see thousands of tiny black fishies swimming around. Before we dipped our legs into the tub, our feet were given a wash using mild soap for hygiene purposes.

The time had finally come! My sister and me were sitting bang opposite each other and she asked me: “Are you ready for this?” I clearly remember saying, “Let’s do this!’ On the count of three, both of us plunged our feet into the water at the same time. Oh my! You won’t believe what happened next! In seconds, all those tiny fish swam to our feet and started nibbling on our skin. It felt super ticklish and we couldn’t help but giggle all through the session! Tiny heads with tinier mouths stuck to my feet... To be honest, it was kind of creepy, but at the same time good fun. And it didn’t hurt at all!

My sister’s expressions was priceless! Her eyes were shut and she was only whispering “Oh my God!” repeatedly. Gosh, it was beyond funny. But like all good things come to an end, so did my fish pedicure session. After 20 minutes, I was instructed to remove my feet slowly from the fish tank and immediately had to pat them dry using a towel. We then proceeded to getting a regular pedicure done. At the end of it, I felt a HUGE difference in my skin’s texture. My feet not only felt smooth, but were also left baby soft. More so, I felt immensely relaxed and happy from within. It was a day well spent with the sibling!

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