7 Fashion Hacks To Shoo Away Your Monday Morning Blues!

7 Fashion Hacks To Shoo Away Your Monday Morning Blues!
Uggh, the blues that accompany a Monday morning are too much to handle sometimes. But why let one day ruin your entire week? As far as your wardrobe is concerned - we can definitely help. We’ve put together 7 brilliant wardrobe hacks to keep you smiling all through Monday - bid goodbye to those #KyaPehnu woes!

1. Plan Your Look A Day In Advance

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You have an entire Sunday to decide what you want to wear the next day. Before going to bed on Sunday eve, pick every element of your look from head to toe and keep it aside for a hassle free Monday morning. A pretty dress, a smart jacket and a pair of boots make for a great outfit to drive those Monday blues away!

2. Keep Just Ironed Clothes Wrinkle-Free

It’s easy! Do not wear your freshly-ironed clothes for at least five minutes after ironing. This helps the press set in and avoid new wrinkles.

3. Your Favourite White Shirt Got Stained?

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No problem! For oil stains, all you need to do is leave baby powder on the stain overnight and wash it the next day. Hello, pristine white shirt!

4. No Electricity To Iron Your Clothes?

Hah! Believe it or not, we even have a hack to iron out your clothes without electricity. Use a damp towel and place it flat on top of the wrinkles on your clothes. Now press down firmly and watch the magic unfold in a minute. Didn’t we promise you a fuss-free Monday? Or switch the shower on and hang the clothes in the bathroom and let the steam ‘iron’ your clothes!

5. Keep Your Leather Flawless

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It is winter time and just the perfect weather to pull out those boots and leather jackets. However, sweat and water stains can ruin the sheen of any leather product. Get rid of them with a mixture of vinegar and cold water and scrub the stains right off! For patent leather you can use a glass cleaner to wipe away stains.

6. Avoid Last Minute Lingerie Malfunctions

Got an underwire poking out of your bra? Seal the hole with a band-aid or use doctors tape to seal it. And next time, buy a better bra *wink*.

7. Keep Those Baubles In Order!

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A great tip to avoid any rush on Monday mornings is to keep your jewellery in order. Compartmentalise everything. Your earrings should be in little boxes while your necklaces can be strung on hangers. If you do manage to get your intricate neck chains in a tangle, just sprinkle some baby powder over them. It makes detangling them much easier.

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