STOP! 10 Makeup Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Wedding Day Look!

STOP! 10 Makeup Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Wedding Day Look!
You’ll never have as much make up on your face as on your wedding day. While you’re all excited about prettying up, just make sure you avoid these horrible wedding makeup mistakes. ’Cause nothing looks worse than a badly done beauty job.

1. Why so artificial?

Everyone knows that you DON'T have those thick, never-ending eyelashes. They end up looking plastic and fake.

Avoid it: It’s best to go natural and use a good mascara instead. You could even ask your make up artist to trim the fake ones so they do not look OTT.

1wedding makeup mistakes

2. Way too white

You’ve seen those wedding pictures where the bride looks ghostly white, right? Yes, that’s what we’re talking about!

Avoid it: Fix up a pre-wedding appointment with the make up artist and test foundations on one half of your face to find the one that looks and photographs best.

3. Glitter overdose

It’s done and over with. Huge amounts of glitter on your eyelids is a big no-no. In fact, avoid overly dramatic eyes altogether.

Avoid it: Let your make up artist know your preferences in advance. Send across some make up inspirations so he/she doesn’t make you look gaudy.

4. Lipstick woes

Your lipstick can go wrong in so many ways. Matte lipsticks with dry lips end up breaking in places. It could even bleed and leave marks just under your lip.

Avoid it: A premium quality creamy lipstick and moisturized lips are all you need.

4wedding makeup mistakes

5. Ignoring the eyebrows

Many times we completely ignore the eyebrows. Bad idea! Your eyebrows play a major role in defining your face. They shouldn’t be too bushy, too thin or shapeless.

Avoid it: Take the help of your beautician and shape eyebrows to suit your face over a couple of sessions. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in where required, but make sure it’s dark brown and not black.


6. Pops of colour

We’ve all seen a bride with pink lipstick, pink blush and silvery-pink eyeshadow. It doesn’t look good, girl. So many patches of colour on your face is not make up, it’s veering into clown territory.

Avoid it: Matching your shoes to your outfit is fine but matching everything on your face isn’t. Use a bright colour to bring the focus to just one feature - eyes or lips - while going with neutral or subtle colours for others.

7. Super duper dramatic eyes

Unless you want to look like a bharatanatyam dancer, say no to thickly lined eyes clubbed with thick kohl. Being a bride doesn’t necessarily mean you lather on every make up product you’ve ever heard of.

Avoid it: Less is more. That’s the one golden rule you need to remember.

7wedding makeup mistakes

8. Contour gone wrong

Yes, that happens! And it shows up in pictures! The highlighter or the darker foundation end up casting funny shadows.

Avoid it: Do a trial make up with the artist and get a few pictures clicked under bright lights to make sure it doesn’t look funny in pictures.

9. Clumpy lashes

Happens to the best of us. And clumped-up lashes are so not appealing.

Avoid it: Using a good quality product is the the only way out. And you’ve got to be sure that the mascara hasn’t dried up, so buy new!

10. Breaking, bleeding foundation

As you sit down in front of the havan kund to take the saat pheras, chances are your foundation will start melting or cracking into fine lines. Oh no!

Avoid it: The first step is to use a good quality foundation and compact. Second, keep a compact handy to pat on when required.

10wedding makeup mistakes

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