… And I Walked Out With The Best Hair Of My Life!

… And I Walked Out With The Best Hair Of My Life!
I had had enough! I have had bullies pester me about my hair in school, college friends comment on how disheveled I look because my hair was always a mess and more recently, a colleague at work asked me if I’d just gotten out of bed and stumbled to work!

These are the kind of comments I’ve suffered for a long time, thanks to my unruly, frizzy hair which refuses to tame down. I have two siblings with great hair, and to be the only one with frizzy, unmanageable hair is quite a downer. I’ve tried ironing the life out of it for parties, oiling it to my scalp for school, even cutting it real short when I was a teenager, but my messy mane has never looked neat… until I decided to do what a lot of people have been recommending - get professional help!

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It wasn’t easy though. I smirked at women who spent half their time at a salon getting their hair done. I always thought it was a waste of time. But this experience changed my opinion of expert haircare. I walked into Neu Salonz, Greater Kailash 1 on a Friday afternoon in a state of despair. I will not have people not take me seriously just because I looked like a mess. I needed my hair taken care of pronto! What greeted me was a gorgeous, futuristic looking space with Kerastase products displayed proudly on its shelves. I was greeted by a friendly hair stylist who asked me if she could help. “Yes, you could help… don’t I look like I really need help?”.

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She led me through a hallway to a room where she assessed my hair type. In my head, I was thinking frizz, frizz, and more frizz. But my problem was way bigger than I’d imagined. The Kerastase Ambassador at Neu Salonz, Greater Kailash 1 used a camera to analyse not only my hair texture, but also my scalp. We came to the conclusion that I had an oily scalp, frizzy hair (surprise!) AND I was also suffering from a bout of dandruff. It dawned on me that my hair fall wasn’t due to the change in weather, and that the problem lay scalp deep.

My treatment started with a hair masque using the Kerastase Maskeratine Masque to add moisture to my dry locks. This was followed by Kerastase Bain Exfoliant Hydrant Anti-Dandruff Shampoo to rid my scalp of any dandruff. Another round of masque-application followed, only this time it was mixed with Chronologiste Fragrant Oil - a brilliant product that keeps your ends healthy and your hair smooth. About 15 minutes of magazine browsing later, my hair was washed to take off the masque. This time, they used Kerastase Bain Divalent Balancing Shampoo to benefit my scalp and help balance it. The treatment ended with Fluidissime Anti-Frizz care - a serum to smoothen out flyaways. My hair was then blow-dried to style it the way I wanted.

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Now, all through the treatment I was busy sending messages to friends, browsing through Facebook and talking to the hair expert. But once he was done with the treatment and styling, I looked at myself in the mirror and was astonished. I looked like I’d just walked out of a hair commercial on TV. My tresses felt smooth and I felt great. It was the perfect time to call my friends and go out on a movie date… just so I could show off my hair. I couldn’t wait to get to work the next day and flip my hair in front of that nosey colleague.

The confidence that a healthy head of hair instills in you is amazing. And although I’ve experimented with a host of products in the past, I’ve only gotten the results with Kerastase. I am now a Kerastase convert and I am keen on continuing with the same haircare regime using the same products that the expert suggested. I am grateful for having walked into that salon and given hair treatments a chance - it changed me for good!

* This is a sponsored post for Kerastase