#BeautyDiaries: I Asked For Highlights... He Turned Me Blonde!

#BeautyDiaries: I Asked For Highlights... He Turned Me Blonde!
I had been contemplating getting my hair coloured for a very, very long time. My mother was of course profusely warning me against it, given all the damage it could cause to my already damaged hair! So I waited and waited and eventually lost all patience. I was just basically bored of looking the same and having the same old boring hair for 24 years of my life! So I finally mustered up the guts and decided to get my hair coloured.

blonde highlights

Okay, not that brave. I decided to go in for highlights. At least that way, I thought, I wouldn’t be touching my roots! Therefore, less damage! And that is true too. My hairstylist told me there would be minimal or no damage, really, with highlights. They’re harmless. He seemed so calm and composed and in complete control of what he was doing that I just left the rest to him. I picked two colours that I wanted streaks of. Both shades of brown. And I sat back and let him do the rest after that.

My highlights were perfect. They were exactly what I had asked for. Subtle, as I had told him a million times before finally letting him go ahead. “Please don’t make my hair even slightly blonde” I had told him! And he had done a good job, no doubt.

I walked out feeling satisfied. I had a Diwali party to go for that night and I was expecting a lot of compliments on my new hair colour. Sadly, much to my dismay, no one even noticed! Even after I pointed it out to some of my friends, by the way!

So, very disappointed, I decided to go back to my hairstylist to get just a couple of more streaks. And this time I took a friend along as well! So we sat and I told my hairdresser that I wasn’t entirely happy with my highlights as they were barely even showing. I wanted my money’s worth! He, almost agitated, replied: “You asked for very subtle colour, that’s what I gave you.” Okay, I said, but I had changed my mind and wanted just slightly more. So that it would at least show a little.

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So he began. He started to take rather thick sections from the front portion of my hair and began slathering colour on them! It was very unlike what he had done the first day. He had taken absolutely thin sections of hair and put minimal colour. Now he was going all out. But thinking that he knew what he was doing, I just kept quiet and let him do his job.

It was finally time to wash the colour off and I was excited! And then, NOT so excited. He washed it off and I sat back in my chair as he pulled the towel off my wet hair. I was shocked at what I saw and began freaking out pretty soon He had made my hair BLONDE. And I don’t mean a subtle gold that would only show when the sun was shining. Not gold! Almost yellow! Like straw!

Once I was done getting a panic attack and yelling at him for ruining my hair, I told him he better fix it and fix it fast. I had somewhere to get to - and I was definitely not going anywhere like this!

After about three more times of adding colour and washing my hair, it finally came down to a color that I could live with. He had to use global colour too to tone the colour down. So much for not touching my roots! I was still livid and feeling that my hair was looking too blonde. But I didn’t want to keep adding colour and damaging my hair. And I was just too damn tired. So I left with lighter hair and a heavier heart than I had wanted!

I told my friend while walking out that I was scarred for life and that I was never going to get my hair coloured ever again. I told the guy off before leaving and vowed never to go back to him. Except that didn’t work out. After the million compliments that I got for my new hair colour, not only did I go back to him, but I also had to take friends who wanted to now go only to the hairstylist who had coloured my hair! And get the exact same colour done too!

I obviously had to meekly admit to my hairstylist that after all those attempts by him and tears at my end, he had done something right! Oh well, all's well that ends well, right!? :P

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