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Not Just Grey! 5 Other Ways Your Hair Ages (And What To Do!)

Not Just Grey! 5 Other Ways Your Hair Ages (And What To Do!)
Have you ever wondered why your hair doesn’t seem exactly like it did, say 10 years ago?! It could be coarser, slightly curlier or even a tad darker. Ageing is a term you’ve probably never associated with your mane, but you should know that your strands do change with age. Blame it on stress, the environment, and hormonal fluctuations combined with the daily torture we subject our strands to - and it actually doesn’t seem so surprising then. Before you start stressing out (that could age your strands, remember!) we tell you a few noticeable changes your hair goes through over the years and what you can do about them. Read on to keep your hair lush and young forever.

A Few Ways Your Hair Changes With Time...

1. Your Strands Get Coarser

how your hair ages

Thanks to hormones and all the chemical processing and heat styling we do in the name of beauty, you may notice your hair is dry and rough. Your once-silky strands can turn straw-like with age and more prone to frizz.

2. Your Hair Gets Thinner

Hair thinning and hair loss is the most common problem we all face. It’s not just men who lose their hair! Women don’t really go bald, but loss in density and thickness is definitely a major change.

3. Your Colour Might Darken

Greying isn’t the only way our strands change colour. Due to genetics, your hair can get darker with time. If you ever wondered how come your hair was a much lighter shade when you were a toddler than it is now, this is why.

4.  Your Hair Can Get Curlier

 how your hair ages

It’s common for your locks to become curlier or wavier over time. Don’t be surprised if you notice a few extra kinks in your once-straight hair a few years down the line.

5. Your Scalp Gets Drier

This may sound like super news if greasiness is ruining your life, but a dry scalp can ruin the health of your hair and its elasticity, making your strands weaker and brittle. This dryness could be caused by sun damage, pollution and hormonal changes.

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How To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Forever Young

1. Give Your Mane A Breather

There are no drastic measures you can take for keeping your hair lush, soft and healthy. Just remember to give it a break from regular styling, chemical treatments like colouring and straightening. And give it plenty of love and TLC. Don’t shampoo your hair too often and do not pile on styling products that will only confuse your strands and scalp. Avoid things that pull your hair, like tight ponytails and buns, and hot rollers that damage your roots and lead to breakage.

2. Find Your Haircut Soulmate

how your hair ages

Get a good stylist to give you a cut that works for you, makes you look and feel good and fits in with your lifestyle. Something that requires tons of effort and styling is a no-no and one that is too wispy, snippy or puffy can make you look older. A nice layered do can make your mane look voluminous and healthy. Some styles that require a lot of styling are bangs, bobs and blunt cuts, so you may want to stay away from those. Remember, regular trims are a must to keep your mane healthy and banish dry ends.

3. Hydrate Like A Boss

A good coconut oil massage every week is one important thing you can do to keep your scalp healthy. Remember, a well-nourished scalp means super happy and healthy locks. Deep conditioning often is also an all essential step for soft, silky strands and to help fight roughness and dryness over time.

4. Foods To Help You Hold On To Your Hair

how your hair ages

If you want to keep your hair strong, healthy and thick, you need plenty of protein in your diet. Also, eggs, walnuts, carrots, yogurt and spinach are a few things you can eat often to keep your strands strong and shiny at any age.

5. Visit Your Doc

If you notice drastic hair fall or a sudden change in your hair health and texture, you may want to see a doctor. Since a lot of hair changes can be chalked up to hormonal changes, getting medical attention is definitely advisable to help treat it right. Don’t wait, go see your doctor at the earliest.

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