10 Things To Do In Your 20s To Make Your 30s Awesome!

10 Things To Do In Your 20s To Make Your 30s Awesome!
You're finally on your own, doing things the way you want to and basically navigating through the realities of life for the first time! Your 20s can be super overwhelming and sometimes you might feel like you can compromise on the things that aren't included in your day-to-day agenda. But trust us, if you want to make sure your 30s are just as awesome as your 20s, then taking out time for these few things will definitely help!

1. Date, date, date!

Meet different guys and explore your options! It'll help you realize what qualities you want in your partner and which ones are total deal breakers. After all, you need to kiss a few frogs before you find a prince! ;)

2. Prioritize your career

We know that everyone thinks that your 20s are for partying hard, but don't forget that your 20s are also for working harder! The jobs you accept and the work you put in will shape the rest of your professional life. So don't take it lightly and think that you have enough time to figure things out later.

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3. The finer things

Maggi and Agatha Christie can be your favorites forever, but that doesn't mean you don't have room to try other new stuff! Try different cuisines, find out if you hate sushi or love it! You might not have a taste for non-fiction but there's no harm in giving the other genres out there a shot. It'll broaden your mind more than you can imagine!

4. Learn new stuff!

So your teens were mostly spent doing the things your parents pushed and prodded you to do, but your 20s are for doing the things that you really want to do! Maybe going to those Bharatnatyam classes made you realize that you actually want to learn Salsa. So GO for it! Make the time to add a few odd and fun skills to your resume, it's great for character building and meeting different people!

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5. Find your friends

Yes, we make friends in school. Yes, we make friends in college. But your 20s is the time to make some friends from outside of those comfort zones! Step out, have some random conversations, meet some crazy (not necessarily literally!) people. You never know where you meet the friends you'll have for life!

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6. Give time to your family

We know it's the busiest you've ever been and you're finally a free bird who isn't being watched by her parents 24/7. You might feel like you want all the space you can get away from them, but don't push them out from your life too much! Make that call, let them know what's going on, even sit through the occasional lecture and accompany them to that wedding you have no interest in. Relatives are always going to be a part of your life and at the very least making an effort with the extended family will make your parents happy!

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7. Travel!

Can't emphasize this enough! And it's not like we're telling you to book that Euro trip or anything. We know most 20 somethings are perpetually broke. But what you can do is explore your own country! Find a new city every few months and take a day or two off to make that trip happen. Knowing your own country better will give you some very interesting insights!

8. Money does matter

You might not be making much, but it's really just the practice of saving money that needs to be built. Start by just setting aside a thousand bucks every month. Let that number grow higher with time, but make sure you do it every month and you never let it decrease! You'll look back and be thankful, we're SURE of it!

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9. Find your happy place

Finding out exactly what makes you happy every day and can help take the stress away from you is really important. Things will only get tougher and knowing in the back of your mind that you have a happy place will give you that confidence you might need in the face of difficult situations.

10. Figure out your boundaries

Figure out what are the things that you're comfortable compromising on and what are the ones that you're not. Once you have this set in your mind, you'll find it way easier to know the things that you must say no to. Can't keep everyone happy, after all!

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