6 Simple Ways To Keep Your Boobs From Sagging!

6 Simple Ways To Keep Your Boobs From Sagging!
Girls, with gravity working against us, it is true that our boobs look as amazing right now than they ever will. Once you’re in your 30s, it’s pretty much downhill from there (quite literally!). Droopy breasts are something that is in everyone’s future - and though it may be really far away, there are things you can start doing now to keep them looking young and perky for longer. Read on to give your girls the extra support from today.

1.  Your Breasts Need UV Protection Too!

avoid saggy boobs

The super sensitive skin of your breasts burns quite quickly. It may not be exposed to the sun too often but when it is, say while swimming or even in a low-cut top, your skin can get damaged easily. Sun damage decreases elasticity and firmness and weakens tissues causing wrinkles. Definitely not a good look for your precious breasts, right? Slather on the sunscreen on every inch of exposed skin always!

2. Is Your Bra The Right Fit?

An ill-fitting bra is one of the most common causes of sagginess. A bra that is the right size and fit keeps your twins in shape and can prevent sagging. Adjust your straps to make sure they’re not too loose or too tight, and your breasts shouldn’t spill out of the cups either. And you definitely need to splurge on new bras every now and then. Wear, tear and washing can loosen them and cause them to not provide as much support as they should. Get your bra size checked by a professional every 6 months just to be on the safe side. As you gain/ lose weight, your bra size can fluctuate so this is pretty important.

3. Get Fondling

avoid saggy boobs

Keep your assets moisturized and give them a massage daily, or as often as you can. Yes, gently fondling your breasts helps increase blood circulation, which helps elasticity and fights sagging. Aloe vera, essential oils and pomegranate seed oil are amazing for keeping your boobs hydrated and looking phenomenal. Massage your breasts gently in a circular motion from up and down and vice versa as often as you can. Better yet, get your partner to help you! *Wink wink*

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4. Keep Your Weight Constant

Fluctuating weight basically causes your skin to stretch and affects the elasticity of your breasts. The stretching and shrinking of skin weakens your breasts tissues. The best thing you can do is avoid junk food and alcohol as much as you can and stay active. We know it’s easier said than done, but ditching that Big Mac sometimes and going for a walk with your bestie can really go a long way in keeping your boobs looking fabulous for longer.

5. The Right Exercises

exercises avoid saggy boobs

Technically, your breasts are made of fat so there isn’t much to tighten or tone. But chest exercises are basically what you should be doing if you’re really looking at keeping your girls perky, since they strengthen the pectoral area. Doing push-ups is the most popular exercise to do to get your chest muscles working. If you’re a gym buff, then lifting weights and chest presses are also helpful for helping your boobs look shapely and fantastic. Oh, and please for the sake of your chest, wear a sports bra. Working out without giving your twins enough support is the easiest way to weaken the breast tissues and cause sagging. Trust us!

6. Water To The Rescue!

Just like everything else to do with great skin, health and your body, H2O is always a good idea, so forgive us for the cliché. Increase your water intake to keep your skin hydrated. Remember, dry skin leads to wrinkles and saggy skin and no one wants wrinkled, ancient-lady boobs. That’s pretty much our worse nightmare!

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