talk about girls

Hello, Boys - This Is How NOT To Talk About Us With Your Friends!

Natasha Vazirani

Guest Contributor

We all know at least one boy who talks like this with his friends. But seriously, guys, if you plan on actually staying with your girlfriend, trust us, you really need to stop saying things like these about us! They'll take you nowhere special - except maybe staring a punch in the face! Here's a campaign by Truebil that tells you exactly what NOT to say!

1. So what if you got laid last night? The whole world does NOT need to know.

talk about girls

2. Yes, you just met your friend's new girlfriend. Do NOT compare her to yours!

talk about girls

3. Your ex might have dumped you real bad. It's no excuse for being an ASS!

talk about girls

4. Just because your girlfriend is mad at you does not give you license to b*tch about her!

talk about girls

5. So what if she's curvy? You'll go nowhere near those curves if you talk like that!

talk about girls

6. Just because she might want to take things slowly doesn't mean you should make jokes about it!

talk about girls

Images: Truebil

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Published on Dec 09, 2015
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