7 Honest Conversations You Should (Always!) Have With Him!

7 Honest Conversations You Should (Always!) Have With Him!
No matter what stage of your relationship you are at, there are certain things you always need to have open and honest conversations about with your partner. Here are a few of them...

1. Your plans or vision for the future

This is one thing both you and your partner ought to be completely honest with each other about. Whether it's about where you see yourself five years from now on the professional front or personal, your goals and aims for the future should not be hidden from your partner from the very beginning!

conversations couples should have

2. Your thoughts on marriage

Whether you are ready or not ready, you intend to get married or don’t - your partner deserves complete honesty in this matter from your side. There is no point trying to play shy and avoiding the topic altogether. You ought to know what you each think about marriage and whether or not you see yourself with your partner forever.

3. The family talk

You may or may not be ready to meet their family and take things to the next level. Alternatively you may be feeling upset that he hasn’t even spoken about introducing you to his family yet. Either way, speak up and have a conversation about this aspect of your lives. Family is important and you should both be clear as to where you stand on matter of the family!

conversations couples should have

4. The talk about how you would want to live if you get married

In a nuclear family or joint family? If you are in a serious relationship with your partner and are thinking long term, then you ought to know the setup in which you will be living and eventually be bringing your kids up in!

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5. The money talk!

You and your partner could have completely different lifestyles. You should be open about it. Just because one of you might like to spend more than the other, doesn’t mean the other should feel pressurised about doing the same. Each one of us has different priorities and wants to save or spend in different ways. Understanding that and being able to acknowledge and appreciate each other’s differences in lifestyles is important! Especially if you intend to share a bank account anytime in the future.

conversations couples should have

6. The talk about “boundaries”

With an ex, with a friend from the opposite sex or even your friends! There is no point sitting and sulking about the way he spoke or acted with another person. If there are some boundaries you need him to have or he needs you to have, there is no better way to figure that out than to talk about it! Letting the other know what bothers you will save you many a fight in the future.

7. The sex talk

Sex is often an important part of a relationship. So it goes without saying that it’s important to establish what you and your partner are and are not okay with in this sphere. Whether or not you’re ready, or the different things you are or are not open to trying - it is definitely better to have this talk rather than feel uncomfortable when you’re actually in the situation!

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