9 Reasons It’s GOOD To Cry Sometimes!

9 Reasons It’s GOOD To Cry Sometimes!
Hey there, little fighter, tomorrow will be brighter. We promise. No matter how hard things may sometimes seem – they always, ALWAYS get better. In the meanwhile, don’t lose hope and don’t underestimate the power of a good cry. Here’s why!

1. Everyone deserves a release

Sometimes things get tough and we keep a brave face through it all. But it’s only human to have weak moments. While you wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) sulk all day long, it’s okay to come home at the end of the day and cry if you need to.

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2. It is normal to cry

I don’t know what in the world gave us the notion that crying is wrong. To feel vulnerable is the most natural thing and crying is just an expression of that.

3. Crying clears our brain up

Sometimes we are in a situation that seems too difficult and there are no right answers. Crying is not the solution to that (and by no means are we suggesting that it is), but after letting it all out, you will notice that slowly you can think more objectively. This may even lead to your next course of action.

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4. Repressed emotions can be dangerous

If you think crying is wrong, let us be the ones to tell you, repressing your emotions is worse. Doing that can lead you to stress more, fall ill and even ruin your mental balance.

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5. It’s better to cry than have it come out in other ways

If we are super frustrated and we haven’t had the chance to let it all out, we could end up being cranky and harsh with others without meaning it.

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6. You can only move on if you accept how you feel

Like we said before, it’s only natural and human to cry. Denial is a dangerous state to be in. Accepting one’s own sadness seems like a weakness but it’s actually a strength. If we can understand what’s happening with us and cry it out...only then we can move on.

7. Who said big girls don’t cry?

This is a total myth. Being an adult means having to deal with some tough stuff. Yes, it’s true that not every crush, every frenemy and every mean comment deserves your tears. But as you grow older, you do develop a sense of that. There are tougher things you will face and fight; and at such times some tears will be a part of our journey. And that’s really okay.

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8. Forging relationships

When we cry, we let down our guard. The older you grow, the more you will realize that the people in your life you love (and trust) the most are not only the ones you laugh with but the ones who have seen you cry.

9. Being Human

If you don’t cry when you watch a movie that moves you, if you don’t cry when you miss someone you love, and if you don’t cry when you’re scared – are you even human? The very essence of humanity lies in the moments when we bare our soul. So the next time you cry, don’t feel guilty. It’s normal and natural, and heck, we’d even go ahead and say – it’s important!

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