Double The Fun! 5 Awesome Games To Play At Your Sangeet!

Double The Fun! 5 Awesome Games To Play At Your Sangeet!
The sangeet ki raat is one of our favourites! No long ceremonies, no rituals, no rules, no regulations, just a mad night of dance, drama, drinks and oodles of bling. Check out these fun games for your sangeet to add that extra bit of tadka to the evening. Get your most popular cousin or the witty friend to be the MC and take charge. Put the chillar party to use to do all the running around where distributing chits etc is required.

1. And the award goes to...

Sounds heavy but it’s the coolest thing ever! Honour the best of friends and relatives with awards. No it doesn’t have to be boring. Think ‘jab bhi koi ladki dekhun mera dil dewana’ awards for the Casanova. Or the hangover award for the one who’s always drunk! ‘Game Over’ for the groom and ‘mein apni favorite hoon’ for that forever dolled up neighbor! Laughs guaranteed!

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2. Fastest beer first

So every family has a ‘chachaji’ or ‘mamaji’ who loves drinking. He’s the first to pick up a glass and the last to leave every function. A beer chug faceoff would be just the thing everyone would want to witness! Cheers!

games for your sangeet2

3. Jodi makers

Put together a list of famous couples. Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai, Saifeena, Tom and Jerry, you get the idea. Make chits with each of these individual names and get the kiddies to distribute them among the guests. The first two people to find their partners win. Not only is it an easy way to involve everyone from oldies to youngsters but it also serves as a great icebreaker for both sides of the families.

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4. DJ wale babu

Have the DJ play a beat and let the people guess the song. Do this after everyone’s a few drink down. Trust us, the oldies love this!

games for your sangeet4

5. Couple games

They are always an instant hit at any gathering. From basics like guessing each other’s favorites to putting the husband to test by asking him ‘what’s your wife wearing’ questions. It’s a great way to begin this night of celebrations.

games for your sangeet5

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