#HeSays: 9 Things Girls Say That Secretly Annoy Guys!

#HeSays: 9 Things Girls Say That Secretly Annoy Guys!
Just like we're sure there are many things guys say that annoy girls, there are just as many things that you ladies say that don’t exactly put us in the best of moods. While we might call you out on some of those things, there are others we just stay quiet about. It’s usually because our annoyance might seem unreasonable to you...but, well, we can't help how we feel about it, right? (P.S.: We’re pretty sure you hate it too when we say any of this to you!)

1. "That's exactly what my ex-boyfriend had done!"

We know you've had men in your life before us, but that doesn't mean we constantly want to hear about them. You know what's even worse? Being compared to them, even if you mean it in a nice way - there IS no nice way of doing this.

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2. "Oh, were you guys ever together?"

Every friend who is a girl is not an ex girlfriend. Just because she's a good friend and we know what she likes and dislikes does not mean we have that kind of history. We can be just very attentive friends, you know.  

3. "I'll be there in a minute!"

Just don't say it if you don't mean it. Especially if you just started getting ready. That's all we ask. We get that you could be busy or running late - just like us sometimes - but we just don't want to be left hanging. It’s super-annoying to have to just sit there, scrolling through Facebook, as 1 minutes becomes 38. This also goes for when you say, “I’ll call you back in a minute.” We'll still wait, but at least give us a fair estimate of how long we actually need to do so.

4. "You decide, I'm okay with anything."

Again, this would be great if you really meant it. When we suggest something, though, you tend to say, "No, something else." Instead, just let us know what you definitely don't want to do, and then we can work with what's left.

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5. "You're not the way you used to be."

People change, relationships evolve! When we just met, things were obviously different and, yes, sometimes we might be a bit lax in the romance department, but you have to also admit that it's a two-way street. We shouldn't have to work as hard to impress you as we did when we just got together, just as we don't expect you to do the same with us!

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6. "What are you thinking now?"

It's great that you want to know what's on our mind if we seem bothered or preoccupied. But this really isn't something we can answer every 15 minutes. Because, to be honest, we're not thinking about ANYTHING sometimes. Just random half-thoughts that won't even make sense if we tried to explain.

7. "I've changed so much since I met you..."

Yes, that's what happens when you're in a relationship. You DO change. Both men and women. But you constantly pointing it out to us makes us feel like you're blaming us for the changes you aren't happy with. Please remember, we never want you to become a certain kind of person. We liked you when we met you - so if you decide to go back to being that person, it's completely fine with us. We love you anyway.

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8. "Are you sure you want to wear that?"

Yes. But you clearly aren't. And when we're already on our way out, asking this question isn't really going to achieve anything, right? So why spoil the mood? If you think we need to be formally dressed for a certain event or something, just let us know in advance and we'll do it.

9. "Why are you talking about her that way? Do you still have feelings for her?"

We have feelings for YOU. That's why we're with you. We don't really want to lie or hide anything about the past. And of course it's not going to be all bad, some relationships ended on a good note and there are some fond memories. There's nothing wrong with that. But it also doesn't mean that we would wish to go back to that time. Please accept that we’re exactly where we want to be!

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