The ONE Item I Can’t Do Without! (Team POPxo’s Fashion Secrets)

The ONE Item I Can’t Do Without! (Team POPxo’s Fashion Secrets)
We all have that one item that we absolutely love - whether it’s a gorgeous pair of earrings or a simple hand-me-down watch from your mom. We just cannot live without them and carry them with us everywhere we go. Here is the POPxo Team revealing their favourite fashion items, the ones they just cannot do without!

1. The Versatile Satchel

favourite fashion item

Gopika EM, Social Media Manager

“Whether it’s a fun night out with girls or a movie out, this mini fur sling is perfect  for every occasion. I just can't do without this accessory!”

2. The Classic Leather Jacket

favourite fashion item

Neha Gupta, Lifestyle Writer

What's not to love? I can wear it over anything, and look 10 times more chic. Plus leather jackets never go out of style, so I’m pretty sure this will still be my favourite item even after ten years!

3. The Ubiquitous Stole

favourite fashion item

Krita Raut, Editorial Manager

While I started wearing it during winter to stay warm, stoles have now become my favourite accessory. I feel my look isn’t complete without one, especially during the cold days. I have collected quite a few now and just love buying them. While I have bold colours in wool and pashmina for my winter wear, I prefer printed ones in cotton for summer. I feel a stole is very good way to add colour to your outfit!

4. The Graphic Sweatshirt

favourite fashion item

Apurva Lama, Fashion Writer

“My favourite fashion item is this comfy grey sweatshirt. I love the bold typeface that gives it a simple yet unique character!”

5. The Bold Necklace

favourite fashion item

Kritika Rathi, Fashion Writer

I am very fond of jewellery and especially the bold ones! This necklace is especially my go-to product because of the neutral colours. Those nude colored tassels give this one an edge over the rest. I manage to match this with most of my outfits and thus it’s something I can totally depend on to jazz up my look. This has to be my favorite fashion item!

6. Chandelier Earrings

favourite fashion item

Dakshee Haryani, Social Media Coordinator

“My fav fashion item has got to be these gorgeous chandelier earrings from Forever 21! I totally love the orange colour, which works perfectly for summer night-outs or winter lunches! I love wearing these earrings with my floral dresses and formal tops. They add an instant pop of colour to every outfit!”

7. Nude Flats

favourite fashion item

Snigdha Chowdhary, Account Manager

“Nude shoes have always been my favourite item. They go with almost anything and any colour, from pants to dresses. Every time I get stuck in a style rut, I always choose these nude flats as I know they will always look good with any outfit”

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