Team POPxo Reveals: “The ONE Brand I Can’t Live Without!”

Team POPxo Reveals: “The ONE Brand I Can’t Live Without!”
While there is a surfeit of brands in the market to choose from, there will always be one brand that will catch our eye (and find itself a whole section in our wardrobes!). All brands have their own unique aesthetics, but there is always one that will somehow define your individual style and take care of all your sartorial needs. Here’s the POPxo Team talking about their all-time favourite brands!

1. Vero Moda

Pradipta- favourite brands

Pradipta Sarkar, Associate Editor

“Because I can never, ever walk past a Vero Moda store without spotting at least one thing I badly want to buy! Seriously, except for Indian wear (which they don’t have), Vero Moda is basically my go-to brand for everything I need to buy. Their fits are comfortable for my frame, and they have a great range of casuals as well as formals throughout the year. And I love their accessories too - from bags to stoles, tights to statement necklaces. I don’t think I have stepped out of the house even once in the last five years without wearing or carrying at least one item from Vero Moda.”

Check out Vero Moda - here!

2. Anokhi

divya- favourite brands

Divya Sharma, Trending Editor

“Anokhi is one Indian brand that, in my opinion, has the most flattering fit! The anarkalis are just so comfortable, so they’re one of my favorites! And their prints are just so gorgeous, I can’t get enough of them. I can’t ever step into the store without buying something or the other!”

Check out Anokhi - here!

3. Zara

Simar- favourite brands

Simar Rana, Senior Lifestyle Writer

“Zara is definitely my go-to brand. On days when I feel like I have absolutely nothing to wear, I know a quick trip to Zara will solve my problem. I never walk out of that store disappointed! Always something I love hanging in there!”

Priyanka- favourite brands

Priyanka Ghura, Beauty Editor

“My favourite brand is definitely Zara. I love the styles, cuts and silhouettes you always see there. I always fall in love with a few things every single time i visit a Zara store, even when I don't intend on buying anything. Even their shoes and bags are super trendy. I think everyone would agree that it's definitely one of the chicest fashion brands around.”

Check out Zara - here!

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4. Dorothy Perkins

gopika-favourite brands

Gopika EM, Social Media Manager

“I recently discovered Dorothy Perkins on an ecommerce website and I fell in love with the products. It’s not only young and fun, but is also SO affordable. I recently picked up a floral pant-suit and I’m in love with it. The fit, the color and the style was just perfect.”

Check out Dorothy Perkins - here!

5. Karrenza

kritika- favourite brands

Kritika Rathi, Fashion Writer

“Karrenza is my favorite brand of lots of reasons. The vivid colors, the prints, the flowy silhouettes - they just make me happy! It's that brand that I wear to feel good about myself. It's feminine, it's versatile and it's my go to brand!”

Check out Karrenza - here!

6. H&M

favourite brands

Avisha Chaudhary, Social Media Coordinator

The brand is fresh and young, for the girl/ woman of today. It offers a huge variety at affordable prices, which means more options without any guilt about spending too much. My happy place whenever I need to buy something for myself.

Check out H&M - here!

7. FabIndia

Neha- favourite brand

Neha Gupta, Lifestyle Writer

FabIndia is all about being comfortable, and yet chic - and the effortlessness of dressing in a garment from this brand is what I love the most.

Check out Fab India - here!

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