7 Fabulous Style Tips For The Curvy Bride!

7 Fabulous Style Tips For The Curvy Bride!
Let’s just make one thing clear: we love curves! They make a woman look beautiful. But, if you want to hide a few problem areas, here’s our little cheat sheet - inspired by Bollywood stars! - to sort you out.

1. Be high maintenance

Not that kind! High-waisted lehenga skirts are all the rage and look fabulous on just about every body type. Team them with a crop top, cape top or a choli, and you can hide the tummy bulges without trying too hard.


Source: Parineeti Chopra on Instagram

2. Let it flow!

Stay away from any fabric that’s too stiff. For instance, raw silk. Opt for drapey fabrics like georgette or malmal that will hug your curves. Also, avoid velvet. It will just add weight to your appearance.


Source: Sonakshi Sinha on Instagram

3. Chuck the chokers

You know them as chokers and you should chuck them, trust us. They cut down the length of your neck and make you appear as if you have no neck. Opt instead for delicate and longer neckpieces.

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Source: Vidyabalann on Instagram

4. Scoop it up!

Your neckline, that is. High necklines, especially those that come up till the chin, do not flatter top-heavy women. Instead, opt for wide-necked or low-cut blouses. Want to minimise your shoulders? A v-necked choli will help divert attention from your shoulders to your cleavage. And no boat necks please, they just add bulk.


Source: Humasqureshi on Instagram

5. We like ’em long

Worried that your arms are not in perfect shape? No problemo. Wear fitted three-quarter length sleeves. And trust us, long sleeves look way more elegant and royal-like with Indian wear. Make sure that you’re not loading your sleeves with excessive embroidery or sequins. Semi-sheer fabrics, like georgette, work best.


Source: Vidyabalann on Instagram

6. Size does matter!

Of the motifs, that is. Large motifs call a lot of attention to themselves...and to the body part you might want to camouflage. Smaller and minimal prints always help if you want to give your body a slimmer look.


Source: Aslisona on Instagram

7. That’s my colour!

While we are absolute fans of mix and match, we believe in the slimming power of solid colours. Get your blouse, dupatta and lehenga skirt stitched in the same color. Too much of a good thing? Get them done in the same colour family or in different shades of the same colour. As long as you stay away from super-contrasting pieces, it’ll be fine!


Source: Humaqureshi on Instagram

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