5 Things We Wish Guys Knew About Our Bodies (In Bed!)

5 Things We Wish Guys Knew About Our Bodies (In Bed!)
As if men and women weren’t already different enough to be from different planets, our varying anatomies can be quite confusing right here down on earth too, especially in the bedroom! Here are a few things we really wish our men would understand about our bodies - and we're just too shy to tell them in the heat of the moment!

1. The Thing About Boob Play

Our nipples are not always in that perfectly perky place. And while some gentle playing is appreciated to get them perked up, they are not the toggles on your xbox controllers - so go gentle!

facts about the female body

2. Beyond The Basics, Please?

Yes, yes, we have boobs and va-jay-jays and they seem like the perfect place to start the arousing journey to Big-O town. But, we also have erogenous zones all over our bodies that are crying out for attention - so find them too. Pretty please?

3. The Fuzz Issue

We spend time primping and crimping. So, the next time you’re all nuzzled next to our special parts and feeling our soft, soft skin, please be vocal about how good it feels! We’re not naturally hairless sea creatures, you know. And we love it when you appreciate the effort we have made!!

facts about the female body

4. Down Time?

We love it when you take a trip down south and use your fingers and mouth down there. Believe us, we do! More of that, please. :D


5. The Orgasm Question!

We enjoy sex, period. Of course the Big-O feels just as good as it does for you, but that doesn’t mean the rest of it isn’t just as fun! So, don't get hassled if we're not getting there as fast as you would like. Let's just enjoy the journey together, yes? :-)

facts about the female body

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