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4 Fab Ways To Style Your Dupatta (Not Just With Indian Wear!)


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Have you been wearing your pretty dupatta in the same old way? Spare yourself the boredom, for we’re gonna tell you how to style your dupatta in 4 super fab ways - over your regular dresses and jeans too! Yes, you heard us right! Take out that dupatta, and get styling, ladies...

What You Will Need:

  • Your pretty dupatta

  • Safety pins

  • Belt

Difficulty Level: Easier Than Boiling Water!

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Style # 1 - Vesting It Up

Step 1: Fold the dupatta from both the sides and pin the two corners right where they meet, with the help of a safety pin.

Step 2: This gives you two big arm holes on both the sides. Your vest is ready! Wear it with a denim dress or a LBD, and look super chic.

Style # 2 - Bareback Kurta

Step 1: Take two corners of the dupatta from almost anywhere, and drape it along your neck. Secure the knot with a safety pin.

Step 2: Now take the center of the right side of the dupatta, and making a arm hole, take it up to the shoulder and pin it. Repeat the same on the left side too.

The drape will give you a high-low asymmetrical style in the front. You can rock this look on a long kurti or a maxi dress.

Style # 3 -  Belt It Smart

Step 1: Fold your dupatta neatly, and wear it around your neck, and belt it up at empire waist level.

Step 2: Now carefully, start taking out the dupatta from both the sides till it drops off your shoulder. Stop when it gets just enough baggy. Wasn’t it easy?

Style # 4 - It’s A Wrap

Step 1: Fold your dupatta, depending on how long it is. Pin both the corners of either sides of the dupatta to each other. You have a cute shrug ready! Wear this over your dress or Kurti and look super stylish!

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