21 Places To Have Sex (Other Than The Bedroom!)

21 Places To Have Sex (Other Than The Bedroom!)
The saying, "This is where the magic happens" usually refers to the bedroom! But we think that's becoming a bit of a cliché! It got us wondering which are the other best places for sex? If you know what we mean?! When we started thinking about it, the list was endless! Here are some 21 best places to have sex! Check it out! 

Best Place for Sex 1. In the car

… not very original but on the bucket list nevertheless

Best Place for Sex 2. On an aeroplane

… the mile high club is definitely one we would like to join. But this one’s not for the faint hearted!

different places to have sex 1

Best Place for Sex 3. In the shower

… talk about things getting hot and steamy

Best Place for Sex 4. On the chhat!

… underneath the starry, starry sky - not sure how the neighbouring aunty ji will react though!

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Best Place for Sex 5. On the staircase

… after figuring out the logistics, this one could be a lot of fun

different places to have sex

Best Place for Sex 6. On the floor

… it’s meant to be good for your back afterall

Best Place for Sex 7. On a table

… he’s standing you’re laying down, it seems very normal but it’s so much more interesting for some reason!

Best Place for Sex 8. On a piano

… A la Pretty Woman!

different places to have sex 1

Best Place for Sex 9. In a room filled with mirrors

… for the vainer ones among us this could be really intense! So much hotness everywhere!

Best Place for Sex 10. In a four poster bed in the middle of an enchanted forest

… Kind of like that scene from Salaam Namaste except without the whole getting pregnant part!

Best Place for Sex 11. On the couch

… Again, we know this isn’t super innovative - but it sure is comfy! Plus with him sitting down and you sitting on top of him there’s just so much closeness!

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Best Place for Sex 12. On one of those old fashioned arm chairs

… because, history - duh!

Best Place for Sex 13. In a hotel room

… it sounds sleazy, but it’s not - and you don’t have to clean up anything after and those pillows are beyond comfortable!

Best Place for Sex 14. In a hot tub

...it sounds hot, logistically though - it’s not - you were warned!

different places to have sex

Best Place for Sex 15. On the beach

...There’s a song and a drink named after this for a reason!

Best Place for Sex 16. In a barn

… seems so English Literature-y

Best Place for Sex 17. In an elevator

...duh, after pulling the emergency stop button. Seems very 007!

different places to have sex 17

Best Place for Sex 18. On a yacht

… or a cruise!

Best Place for Sex 19. In the snow!

… hey, it would be one way of keeping warm for sure!

Best Place for Sex 20. In a limo

...So Hollywood, baby!

different places to have sex

Best Place for Sex 21. On a moving train

… in a private compartment obviously! We’re pretty sure this is what happens in most movies any way (they just don’t show us!)

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