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#Horoscope: Will THIS Be The Week You Get What You Want?!

#Horoscope: Will THIS Be The Week You Get What You Want?!
We’re in the second week of December, and we can’t express how excited we are! The new year seems so close yet so far away. However, this week is where your challenge lies. Each task has a new experience to offer you. This could have major impact on your life. So, what really is going to HAPPEN to you this week? Read on to find out!


Wish and intend for something with all your heart, and you will get it by the end of this month. This wish could be about your personal interest or someone else's, it doesn’t matter. A wish is a wish at the end of the day. This week is all about planning for the new year. Take time out to think about your goals before you list them down. Trust us, if you plan well, you’ll begin the new year with a bang! december weekly horoscope


We know how occupied you get when you’re working on a project. However, that’s about to change this month. For the last few weeks of December, you may have to focus on family and loved ones. They need your time and most importantly, your love. Strengthen and work on your bonds and you will be rewarded with love in return. december weekly horoscope


When people walk out of your of your life, new people come in. This is what you’re about to experience this week. Embrace them with open arms, we say! Each of them have a story to tell and an important lesson to teach you. Keeping an open mind, you’ll be able to not just make good friends along the journey, but you’ll also grow overally! december weekly horoscope


This week is all about counting your blessings, Cancer. Be grateful and humble with every tiny miracle you experience. The universe is pretty thoughtful that way. Thank people who’ve had an impact on your life this year. Be kind to those who seek your guidance. The more you give, the more you receive. The key here is to give more. december weekly horoscope


It’s the last month of the year, Leo. There are a couple of things you need to get done before the year ends. Don’t give up just yet. Look at every task as a challenge, and complete each one of them with precision. This week could change your life for the better if you nail every goal without attaching a negative thought to it. You are the master of your own future, remember that. december weekly horoscope POPxo In-Story Download Banner


People can push your buttons only if you let them. These are people who look for a reason to get a reaction. Don’t give in, and distance yourself from them. It’s time to find new people to be around with. Optimistic ones. The kind that don’t put you down or pick on you for their leisure. These people are easy to find if you make a decision to step out of your comfort zone. You can have it all! december weekly horoscope


There is someone in your life that feels neglected by you. This person at one point of time used to be very close to you. A petty misconception has separated the two of you. Be the bigger person here, and put this unfortunate event behind you. This person needs you, and so do you. Give your bond a second chance. Once you do, you’ll be thankful you took the initiative. december weekly horoscope


Nothing comes easy in life. If you want something truly, you’ve got go out there and earn it yourself. Don’t take a particular challenge lightly. Be in it, to win it. You can only do this by proper planning and making time for it. This challenge has the potential to get you into a better place. december weekly horoscope


You seem to be in a strange frame of mind. Something has been upsetting you on and off lately. Whatever it is, you have to find a solution to it! This week preferably. It’s time to put an end to it once and for all. This can only be done, by confronting it. Coming to terms with it and finding a smarter way to tackle it. Understand that the problem is not as ugly as it seems. It’s all in your mind. december weekly horoscope


No matter what you do, you cannot stop thinking about this person. You clearly have unfinished business with them. Your job is to make peace with this person. Maybe this person has been trying to tell you something important but you’ve always chosen to ignore it. Don’t run from it anymore. Before the new year, try your best to work things out with them. Leave things on a good note always. december weekly horoscope


If there’s something you’ve always wanted to get involved in, now is a good time to sign up for it. This could be a cooking class, a new role in your workplace or even taking up a new language. Do it! Your heart and mind will be at peace. Nothing can stop you if you set your mind to it. The power is in your hands. december weekly horoscope


Only if you’ve learnt to love yourself can you love someone else. How true, isn’t it? Be comfortable with your body and accept yourself for who you are. Getting to know yourself at a deeper level can work miracles in your life. Self-discovery is your goal for the week. You can do it, tiger! december weekly horoscope Gifs: tumblr

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