Dear Jeeju, Here’s How To Keep My Sister Smiling (Always!)

Dear Jeeju, Here’s How To Keep My Sister Smiling (Always!)
Dear jeeju, it’s not been long since I’ve known you but I already love you! But, there are some things I want you to do for my sister, for now and always. I hope you won’t ever let me down :)

With love, your saali.

1. Be honest and loyal - always!

That’s the first thing my sister noticed about you. Just be that way - always.

1 dear jeeju

2. Pamper her silly

We’ve spoilt and pampered her all these years. Don’t take that away from her. Get her breakfast in bed or treat her to a relaxing massage after a hectic day at work. She loves it!

3. Surprise her when she least expects it!

...With a late night movie, the dress she is crushing on, or a bunch of roses on the morning of her birthday.

4. Plant a kiss on her cheek - everyday!

To make her feel loved, wanted and special, every single day.

4 dear jeeju

5. Shower her with compliments

As often as you can! All she cares about is you and knowing that her husband appreciates her is just what she wants.

6. Take her on a surprise vacation

...Like a long weekend or a Christmas break. Plan a vacation just for the two of you.

7. Make her laugh out LOUD, every single day

She’s a crazy mix of fun, bubbly and loving. If you can make her smile and laugh, she’s yours to keep.

7 dear jeeju

8. Accept and love her family and friends

Just like she’s embraced your family, accept her loved ones like your own.

9. Make her feel like she’s the only one

Cherish the bond that you have with her and make her feel special every day of her life. She must always know that she’s the most important person for you.

10. Stand by her side

Respect her, trust her and be there to support her when she needs it most. Through thick and thin be her pillar of support emotionally and physically.

10 dear jeeju

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