7 Things No Girl Should Feel Embarrassed About!

7 Things No Girl Should Feel Embarrassed About!
From wardrobe malfunctions to clumsiness, the list of things that embarrass girls is endless. But when you stop and think about it, being embarrassed by the realities of female life is kinda pointless and illogical. From your PMS to your quirks, here’s a list of things you should stop feeling weird about and #OwnThose5Days.

1. PMSing Like A Boss

Think of it this way ladies, periods amount to 125 hours each month. In these hours, you deal with blood, cramps and PMS. If anything, this fact alone makes badasses of all women. So the next time people assume that your legit emotions are the result of period hormones and PMS, don’t get embarrassed - ignore the haters and carry on being the girlboss you are!

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2. Hunger Games

Too many girls stick to salads and nimbu paani because they’re afraid of being thought of as gluttons. Hogging, for some reason, is believed to be unladylike. But girl, as long as you’re looking after your health and fitness - the fact that you can sometimes finish two large portions of french fries and cola in a single sitting is just WOW!

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3. Bleeding Love

When good old Aunt Flo pays a visit, we’ve all spent a fair amount of time in long tees, tiptoeing up to our friends and asking them if we’ve stained - we live in fear. It’s time we realise that just as periods are natural, accidental staining is also natural and nothing to be embarrassed of. Holding ourselves back from achieving our goals during those five days is nothing but a step backward.

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4. Being Irresistible

As long as the guy isn’t being creepy or crossing boundaries, why do we feel embarrassed and apologetic if a member of the opposite sex pays us attention? As long as he is respectful, you ought to feel flattered. And if he’s cute - lucky you!

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5. Product Rage

During our periods, we check our purses five times before leaving home to ensure we have more pads than we need to get us through our day. And sometimes, when we run out and have to ask our friends/colleagues for a spare Whisper Ultra, we’re mortified. #OwnThose5Days, girl! Don’t be embarrassed to ask, no one is judging!

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6. Being Goofy

So you’re obsessed with a cappella music, you know all the dance steps to Madhuri’s Dhak-Dhak, you know everything worth knowing about Star Wars, or maybe your room is filled with posters of George Michael. You might not want your friends to know - but guess what, these little quirks are what make you intriguing as a person. So bye-bye embarrassment, hello quirky swag!

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7. “Bhaiya… mujhe ek packet… WOH chahiye”

Buying a pad in India can be an embarrassing ordeal for you, the shopkeeper, and any other dude standing around in the kirana store. Really!?! You’re not buying a bomb or a murder weapon, why feel so squeamish? Next time you need to buy your Whisper Ultra, stride in with confidence and #OwnThose5Days, even the shopkeeper will be thankful! Just ask the kind folks at Whisper India, they just had a rocking bloggers event on 19 December 2015 celebrating periods! Even Kalki Koechlin and Aditi Mittal were there - celebrating their bodies and their periods at the preview of the NEW Whisper Ultra… you go girls!

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*This is a sponsored post for Whisper India.