damage caused by hair ties

Your Hair Ties Can *Kill* You!! (No, Seriously!)

Priyanka Ghura

Beauty Editor

Most of us can’t go anywhere without our trusty hair ties on us. What if it’s a hot day or your hair frizzes up uncontrollably and we need to tie it up? Having one handy just makes us feel more secure and at peace. But who knew it could kill you?! As if we needed one more thing to worry about wrecking our health!!

A Philadelphia woman called Andrea Kopp’s scary incident has gone viral. Andrea noticed a red bump on her wrist that she first assumed was a spider bite but it just kept growing. A visit to the doc and a course of antibiotics did nothing for the angry red growth on her wrist. Ultimately, after it grew to an alarming size, she had to have an emergency surgery.

damage caused by hair ties

It turns out that the huge lump was a big pus-filled abscess that was formed thanks to a bacterial infection from her hair tie that entered her bloodstream through her pores and hair follicles. Andrea’s glitter hair tie formed a tiny scratch on her wrist, which basically made it easy access for bacteria. If she hadn’t made it to the emergency room in time it could have developed sepsis, which can be fatal. Yikes!

Of course, swearing off hair ties is pretty impossible, but you should definitely be cautious about leaving it on your wrist for long periods of time. I even know of some girls who weirdly tie it around a finger instead of their wrist. Make sure the band is not too tight and definitely wash it super often to get rid of bacteria that collects on it. Plastic hair ties are also probably the safest option. Better yet, just leave them in your bag when you’re not using them instead of on your wrist, fingers or anywhere else!

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Published on Dec 10, 2015
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