Stay Warm (And Happy) With The Cutest Socks And Hankies!

Stay Warm (And Happy) With The Cutest Socks And Hankies!
Winter is officially upon us and we are fishing out our cozy comfort wear from the back of our closets. The best thing about the cold is getting to cozy up in the cutest pair of socks and sip some hot chocolate. If you are looking for the perfect pair to hug your cold-feet and cute hankies for the cold, then we have some fab options for you. Take your pick!

1. Knee-high!

1- cute socks and hankies

Knee-high socks look absolutely adorable as well as chic when styled right. They make wearing skirts and dresses in winter easy and fashionable.

Price: Rs 1988. Buy it here!

2. Cat lady

2- cute socks and hankies

We love everything related to our feline friends and this pair is no exception! Cozy up and keep cold-feet at bay in the cutest socks this season.

Price: Rs 1458. Buy it here!

3. Not so basic

3- cute socks and hankies

If you are looking for the perfect pair of black socks, then look no further. We love the subtle grey designs on the black that are a far cry from boring!

Price: Rs 380. Buy it here!

4. Fluff on

4- cute socks and hankies

Get those happy feet on! Hop around your house in the cutest fluffy floor sandals that come in the prettiest pink hue. We want this. Want it now!

Price: Rs 499. Buy it here!

5. The perfect set

5- cute socks and hankies

Do you keep misplacing your socks? Save yourself the time and effort of buying individual pairs by opting for this set! They are so cute, might as well grab them all!

Price: Rs 359. Buy it here!

6. Polka Dots

6- cute socks and hankies

Nothing says feminine like polka dots and stockings. Give your trusty black stockings a rest and flaunt those legs in these polka dotted knee high stockings instead!

Price: Rs 499. Buy it here!

7. Lavender love

7- cute socks and hankies

We would love to have winter all year round if we get to wear such pretty things. How cute is this lavender coloured pair?!

Price: Rs 390. Buy it here!

8. Hankie Panky

8- cute socks and hankies

Handkerchiefs are a must during the cold. Carry these pretty floral hankies in your purse and never have another embarrassing moment!

Price: Rs 389. Buy it here!

9. Hearts <3

9- cute socks and hankies

If you like your hankies to be more absorbent, then go for these adorable towel hankies. They also come in the cutest prints and colours. We know we want them!

Price: Rs 150. Buy it here!

10. Slip it on

10- cute socks and hankies

If Vans and boat shoes are your favourite, then these union jack aqua loafer socks are perfect for you. Slip them on and be comfy and warm throughout the day!

Price: Rs 299. Buy it here!
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