9 Props To Make Your Pre-Wedding Shoot Look Super Adorable!

9 Props To Make Your Pre-Wedding Shoot Look Super Adorable!
From your Facebook cover photo to WhatsApp display pic, you’ll want to plaster your pre-wedding photos all over social media. That’s how cute they are! It’s one-on-one time with your fiance, posing and romancing before you hit the wedding. Those pictures are just a jaw hurting exercise. These props for pre-wedding shoot are the cutest and a must for aww-worthy pics!

1. Pet-i-fied!

pre wedding shoot 1

Include your furry pal in your pre-wedding shoot! It’s a lot more fun and special to have your trusted best friend by your side. Hang a Save The Date card around his neck or let him hold a bone shaped Save The Date card in his mouth. Ultra cute.

Source: Morvi Images on Instagram

2. Colour bombs

pre wedding shoot2

No kidding, these look amazing and add a whole lot of colour to your photos. Request your photographer to arrange some for you and practice your maneuvering skills before you hit the shoot.

Source: Arjun Kartha on Instagram

3. Road to love

pre wedding shoot3

Go full Bollywood, get yourself a bicycle and have your bae take you for a fun ride. Tie some balloons or a board in the front that reads your wedding date.

Source: Cupcake Productions on Instagram

4. Musical love

pre wedding shoot 4

Your pre-wedding shoot should include things you both bond over. If the two of you eat, sleep and drink music, show your love with record labels.

Source: Morvi Images on Instagram

5. Umbrella man

pre wedding shoot 5

From decor to pre-wedding shoots, this prop makes it all look absolutely pretty. A vintage tea party theme in the garden with colourful umbrellas and floral gowns...picture perfect!

Source: Cupcake Productions


6. The BFFs!

pre wedding shoot 6

Didn’t think about that, did you? Get your friends and cousins to be a part of your shoot to get the fun-est photos ever. Pose them peeking from behind the wall or pulling the two of you apart. You could even ask them to put on colour coordinated clothes or funky accessories.

Source: D Creative Lens on Instagram

7. Coloured sunglasses

pre wedding shoot7

Cool na? The two of you captured in your favourite pair of glares. Perfect for a summertime wedding!

Source: The Cheesecake Project on Instagram

8. Fairy lights

pre wedding shoot 7

Pretty, pretty! This is a no-expense prop to include in your shoot for a fairytale effect. Wrap it around the two of you or write down the wedding date with the string of lights.

Source: The Cheesecake Project on Instagram

9. Blowing bubbles

pre wedding shoot 8

We still love blowing bubbles and they make great pictures too! All you need are a bubble making tub and lots of smiles. Check with your photographer if they can arrange for the big bubble sticks or else the small ones are equally cute.

Source: The Cheesecake Project on Instagram

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