12 Sweet Messages To Send Your Guy When You’re Missing Him!

12 Sweet Messages To Send Your Guy When You’re Missing Him!
He’s not around, and you’re missing him? Let him know! Here are some super cute messages that’ll warm his heart and remind him that someone’s waiting for him to come back soon. Go on then, get texting!

1. “This message is to disturb you. I know you’re busy, so I am just gonna cut a quick deal with you. How about you finish work early and I reward you for all that hard work?!”

Trust us, he would love this little disturbance between work!

1 cute messages for him

2. “I can’t decide what I like better - sleeping next to you, or waking up with you… Please come home soon, and help me decide?”

He will definitely be excited to help you decide!

3. “I just read this, and it’s everything I felt the first time we met: ‘And then my soul saw you, and went…oh, there you are, I’ve been looking for you’...”

This will make his day. :-)

4. “It’s a gloomy day, the kind of day when all I want to do is stay at home under the covers and snuggle with you.”

Trust us, he would want to get under the covers with you too!

4 cute msg cute messages for him

5. “I had a dream about you last night… and since then I can’t really stop thinking about you, about us! Why don’t I tell you about my dream on Skype tonight?”

He’ll be only too eager to know the details… ;-)

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6. “Can I have YOU for New Years’, pretty please?”

We doubt that he wouldn’t try to make your wish come true!

7. “Remember how we used to stay up late, talking about nothing into the night, and then falling asleep to each others’ voice? Can we do that tonight?”

A few perks of an LDR!

7 cute messages for him

8. “10 pm. Skype. In your grey sweatshirt. It’s a date!”

Who said only men could ask their girls on dates?

9. “I was just thinking about our last date, and now I can’t stop smiling… You remember how we snuck into the car and kissed?”

We bet he wouldn’t be able to keep from smiling after reading this either.

10. “Even when you irritate me, I still like the fact that I’m getting attention from you. Come back soon, you idiot!”

Get all the attention you want from him with this one. ;-)

10 cute messages for him

11. “What’s that picture? You look silly, but it makes me want to hug you tight!”

Is there a better excuse than this text to get you talking, especially when you are fighting?!

12. “You know what’s super weird? You are away, and I can’t see you - and I can’t stop thinking about how madly and deeply I love you.”

We bet he feels the same!

13 cute messages for him

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