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7 Fab Ways To Make Your Thighs Look Slimmer!

Apurva Lama

Guest Contributor

For most of us ladies, our biggest problem area in our bodies seems to be our thighs. We are constantly looking for ways to combat thigh fat or prevent cellulite from building up - and God knows how cellulite just loves to crawl its way through and settle down there!! While we wait for our efforts and pray for leaner legs, here are some fab styling tips to make that heavier upper thigh disappear into thin air!

1. A-line dresses and skirts

1- make thighs look slimmer

A-line dresses and skirts flow down gracefully from your waist and hide your thighs perfectly. While tight mini and midi skirts may accentuate your thighs and butt, A-line silhouettes beautifully pull focus to your waist and make your thighs look slimmer.

2. Avoid long tops

Just because your top is long doesn't mean it hides your thighs. This is a common misconception that women in general have. If you are heavier on the thighs, long tops will only make you look broader and out of shape. Instead, go for tops that are shorter or cut at your hips. They will help create a more balanced and well-put together look.

3. Wear longer pants

3- make thighs look slimmer

Long pants will automatically make your legs look longer. Longer legs create an illusion of leaner thighs. No explanation needed there! Just remember to not fold your pants too short if you want to fake longer stems.

4. Wear pointed shoes

Shoes play an important role in how your legs look. Chunky shoes always make your legs look a little heavier than they are, whereas sleek pointed heels make them look way slimmer than they are. They are also known to elongate your legs and make you look taller. Win!


5. Embrace flowy fabrics

5-make thighs look slimmer

Wear flowy fabrics that do not hug your skin. These fabrics create a dreamy, whimsical silhouette that is feminine, flirty and fun. Twirl around town looking like a dream, no one will ever guess what’s hiding underneath. :P

6. Wide-legged pants

For the past couple of years, we all have shown some major love to wide-legged pants and palazzos - and for good reason! Not only do they look trendy, but they also do a pretty neat job of hiding all that unwanted flab on our thighs. Pair your wide-legged pants with block heels or comfortable wedges - there is simply no going wrong!

7. High-waisted cigarette pants

There is a reason why cigarette pants never go out of fashion. They look classy, stylish and flatter almost any body type. While their skinny-jean sibling may put an unwanted spotlight on your thighs, these pants will do quite the opposite. Wear high waisted cigarette pants that will make a heavier thigh look leaner in a whiff.

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Published on Dec 03, 2015
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