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10 FAB Christmas Gifts He'll Love!

10 FAB Christmas Gifts He'll Love!

We’re always looking for reasons to give our guys cute presents. Well, Christmas is the perfect time! Here are some fab gift ideas for him... Get going ladies, Christmas is almost here!

1. A super cute hoodie or pullover

Christmas gifts for guysThere is always room for one more hoodie! Especially if it's cute, quirky or just a little out of the box. Get into the Christmas spirit and gift your man a super cute pullover! POPxo Loves: Pixel Crab Sweater (Rs 2,295)

2. Out-of-the-box socks!

Christmas gifts for guysWho doesn’t love a pair of cool socks?! We all do. Even our boys. It's something you know he will always come down to using. Especially when it’s cold outside! Time to add some Christmas cheer, ladies! POPxo Loves: Koovs Pattern Socks (Rs 195)

3. A sleek grooming kit!

Christmas gifts for guysWhether or not we realise it, even our men love to groom themselves! We may have a lot of products that we need and use, but they need just a few specific ones. We’ve found you a kit that has the perfect products for your man! POPxo Loves: Ustraa Man Gift 1 (Rs 1,897)

4. Super comfy pajamas!

Christmas gifts for guysBecause no one can ever have too many of these. A comfortable (and cute) pair of pajamas will forever be welcomed by everyone! POPxo Loves: JACK & JONES Popcorn Print Pajama (Rs 995)

5. Chunky but funky shoes!

IChristmas gifts for guysf you want to spend a little extra and give him something that he can use for a good while, a pair of nice shoes is your option! Even better when they’re actually chunky shoes in a funky colour! POPxo Loves: AdidasCross 'Em 4 BLACK BASKETBALL SHOES (Rs 3,899)

6. The convenient fingerless gloves

Christmas gifts for guysBecause, baby, it's cold outside (unless you live in a really warm place :P)! If it gets cold where you live, you know he’ll thank you for these amazingly convenient and convertible fingerless gloves! POPxo Loves: Convertible Fingerless Gloves (Rs 669)

7. The handy messenger bag

Christmas gifts for guysWhether he’s off for a short trip or just for work/ college, this multipurpose bag is sure to come in handy. Plus it looks plenty stylish too! POPxo Loves: Superdry Black/Hazard Orange Dry Zip Messenger Bag (Rs 3,493)

8. The hipster hip flask!

If he’s not a teetotaler and enjoys his Christmas gifts for guysdrink every now and then, you know he’s going to love you for gifting him this! It’s super useful and it's so cool too! POPxo Loves: Designer Hip Flask (Rs 399)

9. Some quirky wall art!

Christmas gifts for guysIf he’s a man with a “moochhi”, then we have just the perfect gift idea to offer you! This super cute moustache framed art is sure to make him and you both smile! Go for it! POPxo Loves: The Moustache Framed Art Square (Rs 999)

10. A nice warm scarf!

A smart, stylish scarf that also keeps Christmas gifts for guysyou warm is something that one will always be happy to receive! It is an easy gift option for even the fussiest of them! POPxo Loves: Alvaro Castagnino Black Muffler (Rs 899)
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Published on Dec 21, 2015
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