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7 Amazing Bra Secrets For Girls With Bigger Boobs

7 Amazing Bra Secrets For Girls With Bigger Boobs
To all the girls who have well-endowed breasts - though many girls would love to be you, we know there are some problems only you face while dressing up - and the key to sorting many of those problems is in figuring out the bra situation. These tips are going to make your life much easier. Just read them and follow them to throw away your boob worries. These are super-handy, we promise!  

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1. The BEST way to wear backless clothes

Bra hacks for big boobs You need two things - a cheap bra in your size and your dress. And some stitching equipment of course! Remove the straps from the bra and sew the cups into the front of the dress. It’s that simple. You literally do not have to worry about your boobs at all now. We know what a problem wearing those stick-on bras can be for you! For more details, read this.

2. Different brands = Different cup sizes

The biggest mistake we make is that once we’ve got ourselves measured, we sometimes don’t even try the bras at different stores and just pick up our size because we take it for granted that it’s going to fit us. But no, even this differs from brand to brand. Mainly because the components chosen are unique to that brand and the elasticity, durability, etc., of the fabrics are varied too! So, try them on before buying them!

3. Choose wider straps every day!

Bra hacks for big boobs It’s completely justified to pick a bra that has wider straps because that will lift up your boobs without gravity coming in the way! Wider straps means more support for your shoulders, which means less pressure on your back and neck too. Yes, big girls will know what we are talking about. It does get heavy, you know! These straps make it a tad bit more comfortable! You can also add some silicon pads at the shoulders.

4. Racerbacks made easy

The simplest way to convert your most comfortable bra into a racerback bra is a tiny paperclip. For your lovely bosom, we know how it feels to squish them into a bra that is uncomfortable. So, here the paperclip is going to make them happy. Just use a paperclip and fasten both your straps at the back in the centre to give it that racerback look. Keep those straps from showing under those lovely racerback clothes! Read this to know more. POPxo In-Story Download Banner

5. WEAR your bra correctly

Bra hacks for big boobs We all have different ways of really putting on that bra, but especially for bigger busted ladies, this trick will ensure that there are no spillovers or quadriboob issues. Bend down a little in front when you are putting on the bra, this will help with hooking the bra at the right spot. Then take your hand and use it to shift the breast tissue into the bra from either side. This is called the swoop and scoop method.

6. Strapless bras that stay in place!

This hack is suitable for all breast sizes, but for the big girls, this one is ever so useful. Take a convertible strap bra and leave one strap hooked on, then take this strap and wrap it around the cups and hook it on the other side. This gives more support and makes sure that the strapless bra does not slide down. See this video to understand more about this.

7. Which bra is going to be your BFF?

Bra hacks for big boobs The most important and vital thing to keep in mind is the bra that you choose to buy. Besides comfort, there are a lot of things that make your bra your special friend. For well-endowed women, the best picks are full coverage bras, balconette bras, minimizers, multi-way strapless bras. Underwire bras can peskily poke into your boob, so avoid those! Don’t ever let your bra woes come in the way of you looking gorgeous! Images: Shutterstock

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